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Logitech G560 review

The RGB fever has formally surprised the PC gaming group, and Logitech's most recent creation is preferable confirmation over most. These are the Logitech G560 Gaming Speakers, and for 200 bucks or quid they'll convey some genuine shades to your gaming PC pod.

All things considered, the lighting impacts aren't exactly as calibrated as we'd like at the cost, however the sound is completely first rate. The outcome is a fairly blended item that is still just most effortlessly recommendable to RGB nuts hoping to additionally deck out their gaming rigs.


Add up to watts (top): 240W

Add up to watts (RMS): 120W

Recurrence reaction: 40Hz – 18KHz

Network: USB input x 1; Headphone jack x 1; Bluetooth adaptation 4.1 (solid 25-meter observable pathway extend)

Driver Size: Satellite: 2.5 inches (63.5mm); Subwoofer: 6.5 inches (165mm)

Subwoofer stature: 1.33 feet (404mm); width: 10 inches (255mm); profundity: 8.1 inches (207mm)

Subwoofer weight: 12.1 lbs (5.5kg)

Satellite stature: 5.8 inches (148mm); width: 6.5 inches (166mm); profundity: 4.6 inches (118mm)

Satellite weight (per combine): 3.92 lbs (1.79kg)

Add up to weight: 16.02 pounds (7.27kg)

Cost and accessibility

Logitech is offering the G560 Gaming Speakers for $200 which is a considerable amount to request from a 2.1 arrangement of speakers nowadays. Truly, a lot of that cost is wrapped inside the LightSync RGB lighting framework that works with your amusements to progressively enlighten your setup.

Logitech's own particular MX Sound speakers, which appreciate this present set's Bluetooth bolster too, cost just $100, however do not have the backdrop illumination. On the other hand, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX bring a comparably hearty sound profile through a 2.1 framework for just $150in examination.

Notwithstanding, the G560 speaker set value all rides on how gravely you need to bring this next level of RGB lighting to your PC gaming setup, so how about we get on with noting that inquiry.

Outline and setup

Logitech's outline rationality here is unmistakably centered around these equipment components vanishing in the light that they make, and they do as such with incredible achievement. These speakers and subwoofer are altogether shrouded in finished, profound dark plastic.

There are no lighting components on the subwoofer unit, however on every speaker there are four splendid RGB light emitting diode joined by strip light emitting diode inside emptied out chamber components. Every one of these arrangements of lights can be exceptionally enlightened.

Texture work grilles are wrapped around the speakers' 2.5-inch (63.5mm) drivers, however not the 6.5-inch (165mm) subwoofer driver.

On the whole, the plans are curbed and sufficiently smooth to lose all sense of direction in the light that the speakers discharge from behind them.

Concerning setup, that is for the most part simple with the subwoofer going about as a center point of sorts, tolerating the two speakers and interfacing with the PC through a USB association. From that point, you simply download the Logitech Gaming Software application and take after a couple of essential setup steps.

From that point, you have the choice to control the speakers through the product or by means of equipment i.e. Bluetooth or 3.5mm sound jack association. The last is the means by which you can play music on these speakers from your telephone.


All things considered, we found the lighting segment of the offering to be the most blended in true applications, yet by and by ostentatious and fun. While the Gaming Software bolsters several amusements with custom lighting profiles, we just had one introduced on our test framework: Portal 2.

Considering we're very into amusements like Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and Fortnite, we would have trusted that this device would bolster the most recent PC recreations. In any case, worry not, for the speakers' marquee Screen Sampling highlight works about similarly and a lighting profile did in the ostensibly old Portal 2.

The Logitech G560 subwoofer imagined.

Presently, 'about similarly too' doesn't state a mess for the component, which tragically requires that amusements be played in borderless window mode – a doubtful execution hit. While obviously the lights (adaptable by means of advanced zones set on your screen through the device) are reacting to movement and jolt on screen, the hues once in a while coordinate the tone of the screen substance.

Or maybe, the lights basically seem to streak a wide range of hues in a kind of musicality with the movements and sounds on screen amid extreme successions. Amid snapshots of all the more enduring movement and unadulterated shading, notwithstanding, the speakers work flawlessly to coordinate the tones and tints. It's tragic then that those minutes are few and far in the middle of in many diversions.


In our testing, we found the sound visualizer capacity to just not take a shot at PC with program sound and just with neighborhood sources, similar to Groove Music. Indeed, even this lighting setting appears to take after bass reaction most nearly, nonetheless, accomplishing more blazing and exchanging than mind-set setting.

Lighting in amusement particular profiles, similar to Portal 2, isn't greatly improved than the Screen Sampler instrument, if maybe are somewhat more agreeable. You can likewise set general lighting designs like breathing and shading cycling, too match up these settings crosswise over other Logitech RGB extras. Try not to have those coordinating extras? At that point you won't have lighting designs in a state of harmony over your equipment.

So, the sound yield from these speakers is basically astounding. The bass is profound and thundering and the high notes are caught with subtlety and an extensive variety of tones. Your diversions and even films will sound astounding through these speakers, that much we can ensure.

The speakers even offer 7.1 DTS:X Ultra encompass sound. It certainly sounds superior to without, however it's plainly still digitized encompass sound.

Last decision

Logitech has made some genuinely predominant sounding speakers for the PC that aren't exactly as hearty as they could be from a lighting point of view. At a somewhat soak cost, be that as it may, what you will arrive are speakers that will without a doubt convey blaze and amusing to your PC gaming setup.

However, my setup here looks a lot more advance than the previous one, the official lighting is not as nuanced as we had want it to be, particularly when utilizing the  Sampler Screen mode. Likewise, the device speakers need to help a greater amount of the most recent amusements with the custom device lighting profiles. The official PUBG and the Fortnight ought to be guaranteed.

Everything considered, on the off chance that you long to convey considerably more RGB goodness to your PC gaming setup and couldn't care less for precisely how you get it, at that point the G560 will work well for you. Else, you can discover also better than average sound encounters somewhere else for somewhat less.

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