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Checkout BENGOO X-40 Review

Gaming headsets aren't care for different headsets. Gamers tend to play during various time sessions, so enduring solace is a best need. Gamers require sensibly clear mouthpieces for aggressive situations and cooperation. Furthermore, when headsets are getting a lot of utilization, similarly as with gaming headsets, you regularly need them to be sturdier than normal.

This shabby headset scored the most exceedingly terrible out of any we have seen to date and we would beseech you to stay away. Regardless of whether you are shopping on the most impenetrable of tight spending plans, it's absolutely not justified, despite any potential benefits, particularly when you can get a portion of our record-breaking most loved headsets for just $15-$20 more. It's very justified, despite all the trouble to set aside slightly more for one of those far predominant headsets, as opposed to make due with the BENGOO X-40.

It's difficult to know precisely who the BENGOO X-40 Gaming Headset was built for. On one hand, it has wide similarity with the PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Laptops, Nintendo 3DS, tablet gadgets, cell phones, et cetera. Then again, the X-40 is to some degree atypical contrasted with comparable gaming headsets. While at any rate some portion of the interest of this headset must be its one of a kind gamer stylish, there's bounty to state for the nature of its development also.

Fabricate and Design

Among other over-ear earphones, the X-40 is about normal as for its size. It gauges 8.1 x 3.5 x 7.6-inches, which is somewhat extendable relying upon how the X-40 are worn. Be that as it may, their weight is not as much as normal, coming in at about one pound. That weighty weight is an impression of the X-40's overwhelmingly metallic development. As we'll find in a minute, metal development is both something worth being thankful for and a terrible thing, contingent upon your identity and how you plan to utilize the headset.

The X-40 was produced with hostile to pull interlaced wiring, intended to survive being pulled or pulled unintentionally. Encourage assurance exists inside through what BENGOO calls Keluodine fiber, which covers copper center inside the cabling. This pressure agreeable plan shouldn't be subjected to purposeful manhandle, however it is unequivocally the sort of assemble that you'd feel great giving over to a rowdy tyke.

Compactness or Protection

With an expanding number of headsets ending in USB associations, it shouldn't astonish you that X-40 is USB based also. That link extends four feet, which is somewhat on the more drawn out side for earphone cabling. The length of that wire isn't advantageous for bearing with you, making it more intelligent of the stationary idea of gaming headsets.

As for transportability, the X-40 can be hit and miss. It doesn't curve and flex the manner in which more compact earphones are made to, so it probably won't be the best combine of earphones for voyaging. In any case, for stationary utilize, you'll discover the X-40 and its to a great extent metallic development feels almost indestructible.

Gamer Esthetic

The BENGOO X-40 is accessible in red or blue. Those hues are most conspicuous on the X-40's ear cushioning. Notwithstanding, every ear-measure of the X-40 was additionally made with brilliant LEDs to coordinate their local shading plan. Those LEDs aren't unmistakable to you while you're wearing the headset, yet they do make a fun gaming environment when playing among companions.


It's less basic to discover wired headsets with volume control catches. The BENGOO X-40 included them as a little control support. It runs a couple of feet down from the length of the X-40's string, just inside achieving separation while taking a seat. The reassure is to some degree oversimplified. It gives a mic on/off catch, and also a volume wheel.

Those settings do not have any sort of marking, yet plainly take negligible experimentation to work out for yourself. The looking over activity of the volume wheel is smooth, yet doesn't give any kind of material input. That makes your ears the best way to pass judgment on incremental changes in the volume. What's more, the mouthpiece on/off catch has some genuinely clear uses for gamers, or basically any individual who's on a voice call.


Blended Comfort

The BENGOO X-40 is a blended sack with regards to comfort. On one hand, over-ear earphones are the sort which give the most enduring solace. By uniformly appropriating weight over the head, the X-40 feels very good when you first wear it. That even conveyance is conceivable with the assistance of especially thick air-penetrable padding cushions.

Where solace may turn into an issue is with weight. The X-40 weighs around one pound. While customer instinct is that plastic is shoddy and metal is quality and numerous earphone producers make earphones to coordinate those desires. Be that as it may, in light of a legitimate concern for comfort, it is anything but a smart thought to append a substantial weight to the highest point of your head. Following a few long periods of broadened wear, you may feel help when removing the BENGOO X-40.

The headband is extraordinarily all around cushioned, however the cushioning happens in one piece instead of being separated into incremental areas. The one-cushion approach tends to gather more warmth. Moreover, the majority of the X-40's cushioning has been canvassed in an artificial cowhide material. It's astounding concerning strength, and it's far less demanding to clean than fabric.

Be that as it may, it's likewise not capable at dispersing heat far from the froth. That doesn't turn into an issue until the point that you're attempting to play in an outstandingly warm zone, well over 80°F, however it's something to remember for individuals who've encountered hotter headsets previously.



Solid help for aggressive or group based recreations is another fundamental for almost any gamer. In that corner, the BENGOO X-40 Gaming Headset gives an omni-directional gaming-review amplifier. The uplifted sound affectability of this mic permits it a small portion of commotion expulsion abilities, better enhancing correspondence in amusement.

The arm of the mouthpiece is especially long and adaptable, permitting a 120 edge level of modification here and there. For ensuring you're not breathing into your receiver, and your mouthpiece isn't getting in your direction, that sort of customizability is pleasant to have. It additionally makes it considerably less demanding to store-away the BENGOO X-40.

In any case, there's just so much clearness you can haul out of a solitary mouthpiece, and just so much you can expect for a gaming headset that costs under $100. In situations which are astoundingly loud, similar to a LAN party, the amplifier doesn't complete a marvelous activity of tidying up transmission. On the off chance that somebody begins to run a vacuum cleaner behind you, everybody tuning in will appreciate the full power of that sound.


Sound Quality

The X-40 make utilization of 40mm attractive neodymium drivers, which are marginally little contrasted with most wired over-ear earphones. These marginally littler drivers won't progress toward becoming as boisterous as different headsets, yet they do give incredible sound clearness. That is perfect for diversions where sound profundity matters, similar to when you have to know the directionality behind the sound of strides.

In the event that its name didn't give it away, the BENGOO X-40 Gaming Headset gives sound that is made particularly to gaming. That essentially implies that its sound highlights and soundscape has been worked around gaming as its need. You'll take note of the BENXOO X-40's sound is on the whole characterized by its great bass mark. That is on account of solid and viable bass is critical for drenching inside a functioning activity diversion.

What's more, consistent with the necessities of gamers, whatever is left of the X-40's sound quality is generally inferred through viable surrounding clamor disconnection. BENGOO helps shut out sound, so others don't need to tune in to the sound from your headset. Thus, that seclusion improves it conceivable to center around what you're playing as opposed to hearing the commotions around you.

As for tuning in to music, the X-40's sound quality is about normal at this cost go. Tonal lucidity is high, mirroring the gaming-introduction of its sound outline. The supported bass mark is something you'll most likely either like or be impassive towards, in any case, the purpose of the X-40 is more about immersive gaming and sturdiness than the nature of your music.

Different Considerations

On the off chance that you plan on wearing earphones for six or eight hours in succession, you might need to search for earphones that are to some degree lighter weight. In case you're playing from within a kitchen, or in 85-degree climate without the advantage of a forced air system, at that point you'll most likely need something lighter. Be that as it may, that unquestionably doesn't portray the vast majority. For most gamers, the BENGOO X-40's solace will surely be a positive ordeal.

As specified before, the X-40 has wide help for basically every gaming stage. It's prepared to run similarly well on Microsoft frameworks, Nintendo System, Sony frameworks, and even your cell phones. It additionally underpins each of the 32-bit and 64-bit adaptations of Windows including XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Be that as it may, it ought to be noted, for utilizing a more seasoned Xbox One controller you should utilize a Microsoft connector to make an association.

Aside from the headset, the BENGOO X-40 incorporates a solitary 3.5mm aux jack splitter link, which enables you to part a 3.5mm association into two ports. For playing with a companion, or viewing a motion picture with someone else, the splitter is a lovely additional. Furthermore, its cabling utilizes indistinguishable rough plaited plan from the X-40.


Who Should Choose the BENGOO X-40 Gaming Headset?

The X-40 is a headset that was reasonably plainly made for gamers, particularly gamers who searching for a quality receiver on a more affordable gaming headset. One of its better highlights is its cost, particularly relative its tough form. Swung to the errand of watching motion pictures and tuning in to music, the X-40 is impeccably sufficient. Be that as it may, it truly sparkles when gaming.

That implies the BENGOO X-40 is an awesome decision for two gatherings of individuals. The principal amass is kids. The X-40 has all things required for getting into amusements, however its additional solidness can likewise withstand the wear-and-tear of a functioning way of life. It won't go to pieces when associated with a touch of roughhousing or difference between kin.

The second gathering of individuals are those searching for a reasonable and fairly straightforward gaming headset, without winding up picking something that is shoddy garbage. The gaming-introduction of the X-40 guarantees that it can't do everything, except for the things it can do, it does them well. That settles on it an extraordinary decision for basically any gamer on a financial plan.

This item completed at the back of the gathering, conveying one of the most noticeably bad execution we have seen to date. While it is the least expensive with a rundown cost around $35, $50 headsets scored twofold this one.

The BENGOO X-40.

The BENGOO X-40.

Execution Comparison

For this audit, we purchased the majority of the best and most splendid gaming headsets as of now accessible, at that point contrasted their execution one next to the other with pick our honor victors. We partitioned our testing plan into four weighted rating measurements, with the BENGOO's forlorn execution sketched out underneath.

A large portion of the analyzers didn't discover this headset agreeable.

The vast majority of the analyzers didn't discover this headset agreeable.


The BENGOO quickly guaranteed the refinement of being the slightest agreeable headset to wear, acquiring a 4 out of 10 in this metric, which is in charge of 40% of the aggregate score.

About portion of our board of analyzers declined to wear this headset for more than a couple of hours, while the rest esteemed them satisfactory for eight to ten hours. Nobody extremely enjoyed this headset everything that much, with the suppositions faltering from okay to declining to wear it. This is to a great extent because of the absence of enunciation of the ear containers, making it substantially more troublesome — relatively outlandish — to get them changed in accordance with fit your head. This likewise makes the ear mugs apply an uneven measure of weight to the sides of your head, concentrating it on the best.

The headband and ear measures of the X-40 were made of a leatherette material.

The headband and ear measures of the X-40 were made of a leatherette material.

The ear mugs and headband are both canvassed in leatherette, which can get sort of sweat-soaked and sticky on hot days. Over the various solace issues with this headset, it is additionally one of the heaviest sets at a little more than 12 ounces.

The BENGOO has poor sound quality.

The BENGOO has poor sound quality.


Our sound tests came straightaway, with the BENGOO again doing inadequately, winning a 3 out of 10 for its disappointing outcomes. These tests represent 30% of the aggregate score, again causing the BENGOO's aggregate score to take a strong hit.

Music, honestly, sounds terrible when played through this headset. It sounds totally smothered and congested, with bass, treble, and mid-go frequencies being pounded together. It doesn't do any better with voice, making the majority of our partners seem like they had an extremely awful stuffy nose and were extraordinarily congested.

For our benchmarking assessments, it again did particularly inadequately. It had huge amounts of parasitic buzz in the bass quality test and the drivers didn't appear to be focused at all in the driver coordinating test. Be that as it may, it did great with the binaural chronicle, precisely passing on the right area of the sounds.

Tragically, it didn't continue this bearing ability into our in-diversion sound positional test, with our analyzer just ready to effectively distinguish where gunfire was originating from about portion of the time and scarcely ever could recognize the starting point of calmer sounds, similar to strides. It likewise doesn't shut out any encompassing commotions, nearly making any foundation clamors louder, if conceivable.

Models without a turning ear glass make weight focuses.

Models without a turning ear glass make weight focuses.


Conveying another beneath normal execution, the BENGOO earned a 4 out of 10 in this metric, which is in charge of 20% of the aggregate score. Recorded messages of our voices sound astoundingly fluffy and far away. There is a slight measure of criticism when the mic is tapped and it is incredibly sibilant. In any case, we liked that it isn't excessively unforgiving with "T" sounds.

This model uses LEDs to upgrade its looks.

This model uses LEDs to upgrade its looks.

This headset grabs any outer foundation clamor and it makes an exceptionally chafing commotion for the individual on the opposite end of the line when you quiet it.

The quiet switch on the BENGOO made an irritating sound to colleagues in voice talk while quieting and unmuting.

The quiet switch on the BENGOO made an irritating sound to colleagues in voice talk while quieting and unmuting.


For the last arrangement of tests, worth the staying 10% of the aggregate score, we took a gander at how helpful and simple to work every headset is. The BENGOO proceeded with a pattern and again conveyed a frustrating execution, justifying another 4 out of 10.

This headset has inline controls to change the volume and to quiet the mic, yet, as said above, there is a particular electrical sound transmitted each time you quiet or unmute the mic.

The in-line controls of the BENGOO.

The in-line controls of the BENGOO.

The link is a little on the shorter side and isn't separable, however you can include a little under a foot by not utilizing the lights. The mic likewise isn't separable and doesn't give you the choice to empower a sidetone.


While the BENGOO isn't exceptionally costly, it isn't that incredible of an esteem, as the execution is so terrible by and large.

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