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Checkout Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Review

Completing in the lower half of the gathering, the G933 Artemis Spectrum by Logitech is a long way from being one of our favored headsets. This remote item is acceptably agreeable and very helpful, yet it crashes and burns in our different tests, with both sound and receiver quality that are deficient. Over that, this headset has one of the most noteworthy sticker prices of the whole gathering, immovably solidifying our absence of excitement for it.

This headset tied with another remote headset in our survey, the Arctis 7 by SteelSeries and a wired headset from Kingston, the Cloud Revolver S. It is the most agreeable of these three, yet has the most exceedingly awful stable and is the most costly of this trio, costing about $50 more.

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum.

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum.

Execution Comparison

We positioned and scored these items by doing broad research and investigation, at that point picking the competitors that had the most potential, at that point buying these and testing them one next to the other to see which headset is genuinely deserving of a honor. The aftereffects of the Artemis Spectrum in our four weighted testing measurements — Comfort, Microphone, Audio, and Ease of Use — are demonstrated as follows, each weighted relatively to their general hugeness.

The Artemis Spectrum has a considerable measure of room in the ear glasses; 2" x 3"

The Artemis Spectrum has a considerable measure of room in the ear glasses; 2" x 3"


The Logitech got off to a decent begin in our testing procedure, gaining a 7 out of 10 in our Comfort metric. This metric is worth 40% of the aggregate score for each gaming headset, essentially in light of a solace survey we had a substantial gathering of individuals round out after each had worn the headset for an entire day — or as long as they could stand it.

Basically everybody in our test assemble was fine wearing the Artemis for no less than 7 hours, with a bunch being thoroughly fine for 10+ hours. The ear mugs have moderately firm cushioning and are extremely huge. The cushioning is canvassed in microfiber work, which gives a decent level of breathability, notwithstanding when playing on warm days.

Most analyzers felt that the G933 was agreeable.

Most analyzers felt that the G933 was agreeable.

Be that as it may, the headband — additionally canvassed in microfiber work — doesn't give the most secure fit. This implies there aren't any awkward weight focuses, however it will move about with almost no exertion — notwithstanding tumbling off in the event that you make excessively unexpected of a movement. It likewise is on the heftier side, weighing barely short of 13 ounces.

The G933 has a cover up away mic.

The G933 has a cover up away mic.


As specified above, we weren't excited with the sound characteristics of the Spectrum, gaining it a 5 out of 10. For this metric, we took a gander at both sound and voice, and also how well the headset passes on position and how it did in a trio of benchmarking tests. Through and through, these tests are in charge of 30% of the general score.

This headset isn't the best at tuning in to music, straightening out the rich melodic scores on a portion of our most loved recreations to something relatively difficult to tune in to. The mid-go tones are overemphasized to the point that the bass and treble appear to be unbelievably feeble — totally muffled by any voice at all.

The Spectrum was a normal entertainer for our sound test.

The Spectrum was a normal entertainer for our sound test.

The Spectrum doesn't improve voice, with voices losing quite a bit of their genuine quality when replayed through the headset, running over to a great degree level and empty. This headset does about normal at offsetting foundation commotion, yet really does great with regards to giving you a chance to recognize the area of in-diversion sounds. Our analyzers could accurately find the hints of calm strides, a discharge, or a moving toward vehicle around 90% of the time, doing particularly well with the calmer sounds, similar to strides in a lush territory. It likewise did genuinely well with our binaural benchmarking test, with the situation of the thumps on the wooden entryway being passed on generally precisely.

The lights are cool on the G933 yet sadly we don't get the chance to see a lot of them because of the reality we are wearing them.

The lights are cool on the G933, however lamentably we don't get the opportunity to see a lot of them because of the reality we are wearing them.

Sadly, it didn't do everything that well in the other two benchmarking tests. The bass was very powerless, with a lot of undesirable parasitic buzz and the drivers didn't give off an impression of being completely synchronized in the upper to mid-go frequencies.

The mic can perfectly be collapsed into the ear container.

The mic can perfectly be collapsed into the ear container.


The Artemis Spectrum conveyed another dreary execution in our mouthpiece quality test, winning a 5 out of 10 once more. This metric is worth 20% of the aggregate score and comprises of making a decision about how well it grabbed your voice, and in addition how well it sifted through outside clamors and side discussions.

The Artemis completes an unremarkable to average employment of getting your voice, however it is somewhat fluffy and doesn't exactly replay your voice as near genuine as a portion of alternate headsets do it. It is a little on the sibilant agree with "S" or "Sh" sounds, however doesn't try too hard on "T"s or "P"s. It has a little measure of input and just dependably sounded more misshaped than we would have enjoyed.

It completed somewhat better at neglecting to get outer commotions, with our partners neglecting to see on the off chance that we were composing on a mechanical console, yet certainly could tell in the event that we were running a fan on high or eating while at the same time playing. Shockingly, it additionally tended to get side discussions extremely well, transmitting justifiable sound of the side discussions notwithstanding when the discussion was 15 to 10 feet away.

Our most loved approach to quiet the mic was to lift it up; It is fast simple and successful.

Our most loved approach to quiet the mic was to lift it up; It is fast, simple, and successful.


For the last arrangement of tests, worth 10% of the aggregate score, we took a gander at the amount of a torment it is to really utilize every one of these headsets. The Artemis enhanced impressively, acquiring it a 8 out of 10 — its most noteworthy score in any of our measurements to date.

The Atremis Spectrum was extremely simple to utilize.

The Atremis Spectrum was extremely simple to utilize.

This headset can be utilized in both a wired and remote design and has controls that are inline on the string and on the headset itself, to suit whichever mode you are utilizing it in. Notwithstanding having the capacity to quiet the mic and control the volume, you likewise have three extra catches that can be modified for different capacities, for example, empowering or impairing encompass sound or turning on a preset equalizer profile.

We liked that you can quiet the mic either by lifting everything the way or squeezing the quiet catch. The tip of the mic will likewise turn red when it is quieted, yet we found that it was anything but difficult to accidentally modify the volume while quieting the mic with the catch, as it was ideal over the volume control dial.
Gamers are characteristically somewhat uncertain about remote tech, yet given how far it's come over the most recent couple of years, it's an ideal opportunity to give it another look. Take, for instance, the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum headset ($200). This fringe conveys marvelous sound for both gaming and music, a strong arrangement of additional highlights and various approaches to interface with your most loved gadgets. It's more costly than the $150 G633 Artemis Spectrum, its wired partner. Be that as it may, in the event that you need one less wire in your life, it's certainly justified regardless of the premium.


For the greater part of this survey, you could (and should) counsel the Tom's Guide audit of the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum — with a couple of minor special cases, the G933 is the very same item. Like its wired partner, the G933 has extensive, extravagant ear containers that swivel, and also a cushioned headband. It's an expansive gadget that takes a touch of doing to sit appropriately on the noggin, yet once it's there, it's there until the point when you take it off.

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The principle contrast between the G933 and the G633 is that it accompanies a remote USB connector, and the manner in which it's put away is one of the cleverest things I've ever found in a headset. Every ear glass houses a removable board: one for the battery, and one where the USB connector cuts in amid transport. It's subtle, and guarantees that you won't lose the connector when it's not being used.

For the individuals who need to utilize the G933 with cell phones, consoles or TVs, the headset likewise accompanies three extra wires. There's a USB link to charge it (which implies gamers can likewise utilize it in a wired arrangement, much the same as the G633), a 3.5 mm sound link for cell phones and amusement reassures, and a 3.5 mm sound jack associated with a sound in and a sound out for TVs, speakers and other top of the line sound setups. The G633 doesn't accompany the last wire, so no-nonsense audiophiles should observe.


Like the G633, the G933 has over-the-ear glasses with delicate texture and a ton of give. The gadget is similarly as agreeable as its wired partner, however has the additional advantage of not requiring a wire. Beside that, it doesn't appear to be detectably heavier than the G633, so you can at present wear it for a considerable length of time at once without issue.

Putting the headset on can be somewhat of a battle because of the to a great degree flexible ear glasses, regardless it takes up a ton of room amid movement (particularly in case you will take every one of the wires with you). Generally speaking, however, the G933 feels lovely, and that is a standout amongst the most imperative highlights a headset can offer.

Gaming Performance

I attempted the G933 with Quake Live, StarCraft II: Whispers of Oblivion and Star Trek Online keeping in mind the end goal to test its FPS, MOBA (system) and Cinematic Gaming settings, separately. Each time, I found that the headset featured something unique about the class.

In Quake Live, I could hear the discharges and strides of my foes over the insignificant voice work and music. Star Trek Online, by differentiate, put the voice acting and score up front. The MOBA mode for Whispers of Oblivion was a greater amount of an in the middle of, yet helped me keep control of my Protoss armed forces while as yet having the capacity to hear the mission briefings.

I likewise tried out the general sound link with Assassin's Creed Chronicles China on the PS4 just to ensure that it filled in as promoted with amusement comforts. While you don't have any leveling choices for support play, PS4 diversions sound extraordinary on the G933, and you can utilize either an inline mic or the consistent headset mic for talk.

I tried the headset mic amid an office phone call, and collaborators disclosed to me that my voice sounded clear and capable of being heard, with no perceptible fluffiness or uneven characters. On occasion, I sounded somewhat far off or "empty," they educated me, however no more awful than through a customary phone association.

In Quake Live, I could hear the shots and strides of my foes over the negligible voice work and music.


The greatest component of the G933 is its capacity to interface remotely to a PC. This usefulness conveys sound that is similarly in the same class as its wired mode, and flaunts a significant range, to boot. I meandered around 30 feet from my work area, past a divider and through a lot of remote activity before the flag even debilitated, and a couple of more feet previously it gave out. In the event that you have a lounge room PC setup, the G933 is more than capable of giving sound to it.

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Other than that, its product capacities simply the same as the G633's, aside from that it will now show the gadget's battery life in the upper-left-hand corner. Logitech guarantees 12 long stretches of battery life on a solitary charge, and this appears to be pretty much in accordance with my own encounters. Likewise with the G633, you can play with equalizers, change full RGB lighting on the earcups and allot distinctive sound profiles to each amusement you play.

Music Performance

Music sounds awesome on the G933, regardless of whether you're listening remotely, by means of USB or through a sound link. I tuned in to Bach's Violin Concerto in E Major and in addition determinations of music from Old Blind Dogs and the Rolling Stones, and each tune sounded fresh and adjusted.

Primary concern

The Logitech G933 takes an outstanding headset in the G633 and makes it remote; it's precisely the same in each other regard. An extra $50 is a sensible add up to request perfect remote capacities on a headset that is now to a great degree agreeable and gives remarkable sound. Generally speaking, the G933 is one of the plain best remote models available today.

The charging link is bounty long at 10 feet, yet the sound links, in the event that you need to run the Spectrum in wired mode, are a bit on the short side. We did extremely like that there is installed capacity in the headset itself for the remote recipient to limit the shot of you losing it.

The Artemis Spectrum has advantageous worked away for its remote beneficiary.

The Artemis Spectrum has helpful worked away for its remote beneficiary.

The receiver isn't separable, yet there is the alternative to empower a sidetone whenever wanted and modify its volume.


The Artemis Spectrum is a poor esteem alternative, having a generally high sticker price with a moderately unremarkable by and large execution.


While the capacity to work both wired and remotely and advantageously store the remote recipient are both convenient highlights, they aren't sufficient to reclaim the disappointingly fair sound and receiver nature of this item and its powerful sticker price.

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