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Checkout Roku Streaming Stick (2016) review

It's difficult to trust the first Roku Streaming stick was presented in 2014. Time flies when you're marathon watching Netflix! In any case, here we are, and it's about time the Roku Stick got a refresh. With rivalry from the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google's Chromecast warming things up, Roku expected to advance up its diversion a bit. Be that as it may, where do you go when you as of now have a standout amongst other little media streamers available?
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All things considered, in the hardware world, you make it quicker, sleeker, and cleverer. What's more, that is the thing that Roku has done. There wasn't a huge amount of space for Roku's Streaming Stick to develop – indeed, physically developing would be a stage in the wrong course – yet it grew up a bit. This little stick is brisk, and it is very brave highlights you won't discover somewhere else.

In short: Unless you require 4K, outside capacity, or the capacity to play media off a USB thumb drive, the $50 Roku Streaming Stick is an easy decision, should claim gadget for the genuine streamer.

Out of the container

The magnificence of the Roku Streaming Stick is in its straightforwardness. Along these lines, there's not a ton in the straightforward, green bundling the gadget comes in. When you lift the crate top, in any case, you will be shocked by the Roku Streaming Stick's waifish profile. It's substantially more thin than previously, though a touch longer. The stick is additionally matte dark as opposed to purple now, which makes it look somewhat less cartoonish.

The included remote control has additionally been thinned down, and changed from lustrous to matte dark. On the drawback, the remote still wobbles around on level, hard surfaces (an inconvenience for this analyst) yet on the in addition to side, Roku wised up and set the 'alright' catch back in the focal point of the directional cushion, making it feel significantly more well-known to basically every other remote control in your home.

We had trusted Roku would extend the USB control link for this emphasis, yet the organization chose to keep it to around 6 feet, and put a correct point on the small scale USB end. The shorter line functions admirably to interface the gadget to a TV's USB port, however not all that well to achieve an electrical plug with the included divider connector.

We additionally wish Roku incorporated a HDMI augmentation dongle. This is something Amazon and Google get right. The Streaming Stick scarcely fits in a Vizio M-Series TV, because of the TV's HDMI port arrangement and the cabinetry around them. Luckily, we had an additional one laying around.

Specs and highlights

Roku claims its new stick has more preparing power than some other pocket-sized streamer, and we're slanted to concur. The past Roku spilling stick had a solitary center processor, however the Streaming Stick wears a quad-center – simply like the Roku 4 — and the execution contrasts are obvious. The little stick likewise packs a 802.11 a/b/g/n double band recieving wire.

It really feels quicker than our Roku 4.

What you don't get is 4K goals, expandable capacity, an Ethernet association, or the capacity to play media put away on USB drives.

Maybe the most remarkable new element for the Roku Streaming Stick is its capacity to stream sound to the Roku application introduced on any iOS or Android cell phone associated with a similar system. While the bigger Roku 4 and Roku 3 boxes can stream simple sound to their remotes, the Roku stick isn't able to do. Some may see the spilling to a cell phone as a workaround or some likeness thereof, yet to the extent we're concerned, it's much better. There's no slack, and sound quality is obviously better. Furthermore, a cell phone's battery is much better at taking care of the errand than the two AAA batteries utilized in Roku's remote controls, which kick the bucket before long with expanded earphone tuning in.


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Given the Roku Streaming stick wears a quad-center processor, it makes sense it would be brisk. In any case, we were as yet astounded at exactly how quick the gadget is. It really feels quicker than our Roku 4, and appears to be snappier than our Amazon Fire TV stick.

Driving the stick off of a divider outlet or a consistent power USB port on a TV is perfect, however the individuals who must associate it to a USB port that loses control with the TV is closed down will be satisfied to know the new Streaming Stick boots up in 27 seconds, around three times quicker than the principal gen stick. Stacking applications is likewise a brisk issue – we checked Netflix opening in a little more than 5 seconds by and large.

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Alongside the expanded execution, the new Roku Streaming Stick is completely equipped for exploiting everything Roku's application brings to the table, including voice look, console content section, and overseeing top choices and feeds.

To put it plainly, the Roku Streaming Stick conveys best-in-class execution, and leaves next to no to be wanted.


Roku's new Streaming Stick conveys an extraordinary affair. It's the smart snap and-go gadget we think everybody expects, except some way or another pressed into a little stick no bigger than a little pack of gum. What's more, as already specified, Roku's stage essentially beats the opposition since it doesn't play top choices with various gushing administrations, and it gives the most thorough pursuit include accessible. Essentially anybody can get a remote and get running in short request – even grandmother.

Is there a superior option?

There are options, no doubt, yet are any of them better? Not really. Amazon's Fire TV Stick offers extraordinary incentive at around $40, yet it's worked around Amazon and it's list items turn up generally Amazon content — in the event that you buy in to Netflix (or Hulu, or HBO, or some other prevalent spilling stage), it'll forget you exposed.

In the interim, Google's Chromecast is somewhat more adaptable — it's not so prohibitive as the Fire TV Stick, and the Chromecast underpins cross-stage seek, which is marvelous — however the accessible library of directs could not hope to compare to those accessible on the Roku stick, and the general experience simply isn't exactly as tweaked.

In case you're hoping to stream HDR or 4K content, you'll need to take a gander at more costly choices, similar to the Roku 4 or the Chromecast Ultra; that being said, most 4K TVs are Smart TVs as of now, so you won't really require a streamer. In the event that, then again, you're hoping to spare some cash, you can get the Roku Express for $29; it's a bit slower, yet despite everything you'll approach the unfathomable Roku biological community. Something else, the Roku Streaming Stick is your most solid option.

In the event that YOUR HDTV doesn't have a worked in gushing biological community, you should purchase the new Roku Streaming Stick. On the off chance that your TV has a worked in gushing biological community, you should in any case consider the new Roku Streaming Stick. It'll give a vastly improved affair, it costs a measly 50 bucks, and it duplicates the most critical things about the $100 Roku 3 box.

The Stick doesn't bolster 4K like the Roku 4, however it does pretty much everything the Roku 3 can do. Accordingly, it nails its main goal to be a shoddy, include stuffed passage point into Roku's preeminent link cutting universe. It won't bowl you over with new stuff, especially on the off chance that you've utilized the Roku 3; the small stick's most-noteworthy characteristic is that it mirrors a Roku 3 for $50. As usual, the superstar is Roku's shake strong stage, which has enhanced consistently after some time. The huge choice of channels, demonstrate discovering choices, and convenience have been extraordinary for a considerable length of time. Presently you're getting the majority of that at a large portion of the expense.

Those highlights are pressed into a 3.3-inch-long dark dongle, which you connect to a HDMI port on your TV. All the basic links and attachments are given in the case, and you can control the stick either by tying it to a fueled USB port on your TV or by connecting it to the divider. The principle distinction between the two is that if the stick is associated with your TV's USB port, it will reboot each time you kill the TV and on. That is no major ordeal, as it takes under 10 seconds to get to the Roku homescreen after a hard reboot.

The little stick's most-noteworthy characteristic is that it copies a Roku 3 for $50.
Starting setup takes around seven minutes, and the greater part of that time is spent on your telephone or PC. You connect to the Stick, enter your Wi-Fi secret word, and are provoked to visit a Roku page on your workstation or cell phone. From that point, you can associate your new Stick to a current record and have every one of your channels stacked consequently.

The included remote—which accompanies batteries!— is your standard-issue Roku clicker. There's a D-cushion for route and simply the appropriate measure of catches for playback and bouncing around the menus. Beneath the navigational controls, you have four catches to rapidly dispatch Netflix, Amazon Instant, Sling TV, and Google Play. It's simply the correct size, and it's preferred made over numerous streamer remotes.

Dial In For More Options

While the committed remote is awesome, it doesn't have an earphone jack, voice-seek receiver, or amusement cushion like the one packaged with the Roku 3. In any case, two of those highlights are accessible by means of Roku's application for Android and iOS. You'll need to utilize the application in any event now and then to get the Stick's full slate of highlights. The application copies the remote's controls, and is a genuine disappointment saver while contributing passwords and hunt questions. Simply utilize your telephone's console to make brisk work of it.

Once the application is introduced, you have to associate with a similar Wi-Fi arrange as the Roku. At that point, the application perceives it's combined to the new form of the Stick. The Roku Stick is the main Roku gadget that backings earphone tuning in through your telephone by means of the application, and it shows an earphones symbol beneath the touchscreen remote interface.

When you tap it, it quiets the sound originating from the TV and runs it through your telephone. I attempted it with a couple of wired earbuds, and it sounded extraordinary. A couple of extremely concise sound dropouts all over, yet nothing that destroyed the experience. The sound stayed adjusted to the activity.

The versatile application is additionally the best way to utilize talked directions to look for content over a few channels utilizing the Roku Streaming Stick. Roku's discourse acknowledgment tech for the most part isn't on a par with the experience conveyed by Google or Amazon's stages, yet it searches crosswise over numerous more channels—30 of them, including ongoing increments Google Play, Comedy Central, Starz, MTV, and Food Network.

Fast and Tricky

The Stick additionally offers helpful activities with your list items. Specifically, you can add them to "My Feed," which naturally alarms you once the new discharges you're occupied with hit Crackle, Hulu, HBO Go, or FX Now. It additionally lets you know whether a motion picture's value drops on Amazon Instant, Vudu, Fandango Now, or Google Play. Your "My Feed" line is reflected on the versatile application, so you don't need to be in your lounge to see when new substance winds up accessible.

The Stick's new quad-center processor helps everything respond with cheerful readiness, despite the fact that on occasion it was marginally slower than undeniable Roku boxes. For instance, you may need to sit tight a second for onscreen pictures and menus to populate, however I generally kept running into those postpones just when propelling a channel out of the blue. Route was zippy whether I utilized the remote or the application, and in light of the fact that them two utilize Wi-Fi, you needn't bother with observable pathway with the Stick—something worth being thankful for, in light of the fact that it'll likely be holed up behind your TV.

The Stick's sheer convenientce isn't the main thing that makes it travel-accommodating, as there's a Hotel and Dorm Connect highlight that gives you a chance to stream over open Wi-Fi associations.

At the point when not being used, the Stick will be presumably in your pocket, tote, or lightweight suitcase. (Bear in mind the power supply.) The Stick's sheer movability isn't the main thing that makes it travel-accommodating, as there's a "Lodging and Dorm Connect" include that gives you a chance to stream over open Wi-Fi associations—those irritating ones that require a program based login. You have to utilize your telephone to do it, and an onscreen manage strolls you through the procedure.

In the event that there's a noteworthy shortcoming with any Roku gadget, it's the constrained throwing highlights. That doesn't change with the Stick, regardless of whether it looks sorta like a Chromecast. You can cast Netflix and YouTube from your telephone or workstation, and there's an elusive screen-reflecting element for Windows and Android gadgets. You can likewise shaft pictures from your telephone's photograph move to the wide screen; you do that with the "Play on Roku" include in the versatile application.

So at twofold the value, for what reason would you get the Roku 3 rather than the Roku Streaming Stick? There are a couple of reasons, however they'll likely just apply to a little subset of potential purchasers. The greatest one is that you'll require strong Wi-Fi to utilize the Stick; dissimilar to the containers, there's no Ethernet port on the dongle. There's likewise no USB port for perusing nearby documents or microSD space for extending stockpiling, two things you get with the containers. You'll should be happy with utilizing your telephone for a portion of the Stick's best capacities. Furthermore, with the Stick, you don't get Roku's getting purple earbuds.

In any case, you do get the zenith of eight long stretches of Roku improvement. The organization has been doing this more extended than any other individual, and it appears. This isn't only a stick of gum that gives a ludicrous 3,000 gushing channels, which is stunning in itself. It's additionally a stick of gum with an OS that causes you find precisely what to watch—rapidly and effortlessly—over a clamorous ocean of substance. While the spilling scene has swelled as of late with solid and convincing contenders, Roku has been occupied with growing and refining its items. It drove the gushing insurgency, and now it has basically idealized the spilling knowledge.

To what extent will it last?

Physically, there's no motivation to expect that the Streaming Stick will corrupt by any stretch of the imagination. Aside from social event dust, the stick itself shouldn't experience any ecological perils, and the remote feels solid — furthermore, if the remote does clonk out, you can simply utilize your cell phone.

Roku pushes refreshes for its working framework now and then, and these assistance keep the UI perfect and clean while presenting convenient highlights. On the off chance that you envision moving up to a 4K (or better) TV, you should need to consider overhauling from the Stick too, however it'll be a while yet before there's sufficient 4K content out there to pressure you to disclose more than what would have been prudent.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly. The Streaming Stick can't deal with ultra-HD video, however that is a minor complaint, particularly for under $50. Else, we're truly short on protests, which makes rating the Roku Streaming Stick a 4.5/5 and offering it our Editor's Choice honor a simple choice.

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