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Corsair HS50 Review

Completing near the base of the pack, the Corsair HS50 didn't passage everything that well in our tests. While it didn't do especially inadequately in any one region of testing, its normal to somewhat better than expected outcomes no matter how you look at it could not hope to compare to our best items. Its sticker price is ideal about where it ought to be, neither overrated nor an awesome esteem. In general, the HS50 is fine, not stunning, but rather there are similarly costing headsets out there that perform soooo much better.

This headset completed at the base of the pack, just truly outflanking its kindred Corsair display, the Void Pro RGB, and the BENGOO X-40. It has better sound capacities, costs about $50 less, and is more agreeable than the Void Pro, yet is less helpful to utilize and doesn't have a similar number of lights. The HS50 is about $15 more than the BENGOO, yet the BENGOO is outright awful and we wouldn't generally prescribe anybody to get it.

Execution Comparison

We scored these headsets by purchasing the majority of the best and most encouraging models, at that point setting them against one another in a progression of straight on challenges. We partitioned these tests into four weighted rating measurements, with the consequences of the Corsair demonstrated as follows.

The HS50 is sensibly agreeable.

The HS50 is sensibly agreeable.


In charge of 40% of the general score for the HS50, our Comfort metric is the most critical out of the whole group. Our gathering of analyzers wore every headset for a long timeframe, at that point rounded out a survey on the solace levels of every one. The Corsair HS50 did sensibly well, justifying a 6 out of 10 for its outcomes.

Conclusions on the solace level of this headset were generally part among our board of analyzers, with a great many people being consummately upbeat to wear this headset throughout the day and a couple of completely abhorring it after just a couple of hours. This error was predominantly because of the constrained customizability of the headband and the size and state of the ear mugs. The majority of the analyzers that despised this headset couldn't change the fit appropriately on the grounds that they came up short on alteration extend or there was excessively weight squeezing their ears or driving them into an unnatural shape.

The ear containers estimated 2 1/8" X 2 5/8".

The ear containers estimated 2 1/8" X 2 5/8".

The headband is cushioned with leatherette and the fit is in general on the snugger side — with a portion of our analyzers with bigger ears taking note of that the ear containers are shallow enough to really hit the speaker plate while the headset is worn.

We enjoyed look of the sewn in design on the HS50; It didn't appear to impact comfort by any stretch of the imagination.

We enjoyed look of the sewn in design on the HS50; It didn't appear to impact comfort by any stretch of the imagination.

The ear glasses have semi-firm cushioning, again secured with leatherette, which can make them get somewhat sticky and sweat-soaked in hotter climate. In any case, it is on the lighter side at around 11 ounces.

The HS50 has marginally better than expected sound.

The HS50 has marginally better than expected sound.


The Corsair HS50 again conveyed a marginally above satisfactory execution in our arrangement of sound quality tests, procuring another 6 out of 10 for its outcomes. We tried how well you can recognize the area of a sound, the nature of both voice and music, and utilized a trio of benchmarking sound tests, and in addition how well each gaming headset does at shutting out outside clamors to decide the score, which joined records for 30% of the aggregate score.

The Corsair does modestly well at connoting the area of sounds, completing somewhat better with the calmer in-amusement sounds, similar to somebody strolling behind you, at that point the louder sounds, similar to gunfire or a vehicle cruising by. Our analyzers generally got the areas amend for strides, however misidentified it a bunch of time with the vehicles or discharges.

Voice is about normal sounding, not appearing to be horrendously twisted but rather a detectable contrast from conversing with somebody face to face. Music goes over with marginally higher quality, with respectable bass and treble. Nonetheless, the mid-run tones — particularly voice — can get washed out and harder to hear over an amusement's soundtrack.

Shockingly, the HS50 doesn't do everything that well at diminishing surrounding clamor levels and didn't awe in our benchmarking tests. There was a lot of parasitic buzz in the bass quality test and the drivers didn't remain especially very much coordinated through the higher frequencies in the driver coordinating test. It completed somewhat better in the binaural account assessment, with the position going over fine, however the thumps on the wooden entryway sounding less reasonable than they should.

The HS50 mic didn't emerge in either a decent or awful way.

The HS50 mic didn't emerge in either a decent or awful way.


The execution of the HS50 slipped a little into our mouthpiece test, procuring it a 5 out of 10 for its unsatisfying outcomes. We took a gander at both how it grabbed your voice and how well it sifted through bothersome sounds for this metric, which is worth 20% of the aggregate score.

This headset doesn't do the best occupation at grabbing your voice, making it sound level and far away, with a perceptible absence of bass and a not too bad measure of fluff. It is marginally sibilant with "S" sounds, yet doesn't make "T" sounds sound excessively brutal. It completes an okay employment at neglecting to get foundation clamors like composing, yet your colleagues can hear on the off chance that you are eating or have a fan running out of sight. It does much more terrible with side discussions, lifting them up if individuals are talking anyplace around you in a 25' span, with the full side discussion for the most part being flawlessly reasonable to the next individuals you are playing with.

With gaming and sound equipment alike, you typically get what you pay for – and when you're not paying much, at that point you most likely shouldn't expect much. That is positively valid with a $50 (£55, AU$89) gaming headset, yet Corsair's HS50 joyfully resists that pattern with a shockingly premium advertising.

It's a clear stereo headset, worked for pumping your ear openings loaded with shotgun impacts and pounding tunes, and also keeping you in a state of harmony with your squad by means of its unidirectional commotion dropping amplifier. Truth be told, it's really like the marginally pricier Astro A10 headset, which we as of late investigated – however in about each regard, the Corsair HS50 goes one step better.

Genuine, the HS50 most likely won't knock numerous socks off and it can't contend with significantly higher-end headset choices, however that is not the appeal here. Truly engaging that you can get a gaming headset this level of value and execution for not as much as the cost of a major new diversion. Furthermore, that is quite astonishing.

Corsair HS50: was $49, now $39 at Amazon

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The Corsair HS50 doesn't closely resemble a spending headset. While the plain strong Astro A10 put on a show of being an improved, utilitarian devolution from the organization's pricier endeavors, Corsair's headset punches a few indents over its weight class in both clean and fabricate quality.

This expansive headset has voluminous jars that should effortlessly fit around your whole ears, and they're bounty comfortable as well. Fake cowhide encases the flexible foam glasses, which delicately squish against your head without applying excessively weight, and afterward quickly move once again into their appropriate frame when expelled. Outwardly, the jars have the look of a speaker grind, inquisitively enough, with green or blue shading complements accessible on the off chance that you need to relate to your Xbox One or PlayStation 4. A standard dark version is additionally accessible.

You see to a greater degree a superior touch with the expansive metal curves that interface the mugs to the headband, while likewise enabling the adaptability to fit on a wide range of heads. Moreover, the band has smooth artificial calfskin with shading accent sewing on the extravagant inside and the Corsair logo on the best. Initially, I'd peg this as a 100 buck headset – or pricier, even. It doesn't distinguish as passage level or low-end by any stretch of the imagination, and the metal underpinnings make it feel super strong.

It's a wired, stereo headset, in any case, so it has a settled 3.5mm link leaving the left container. In any case, since the Corsair HS50 utilizes a standard sound jack, you can connect to and utilize it with pretty much anything: diversion supports, cell phones, PC, Mac, and that's just the beginning.

The HS50 additionally keeps its contributions on that glass: it has a little volume dial, alongside a convenient on-off flip catch for quieting the amplifier. There's no raise-to-quiet choice like on Astro's A10, yet the catch works similarly also. Even better, you can completely expel the receiver – likewise on the left glass – which makes the HS50 simply more perfect as an in a hurry headset. Simply watch the mic: it's little and thin, and could be effortlessly lost.
The headset looks decent, and fortunately it additionally feels quite incredible. It'll remain set up on your head without crushing too tight, and the vast mugs serenely fit around my ears without feeling clumsy or excessively warm after some time. To be perfectly honest, I don't have any grumblings here.


That is likewise valid with the sound quality, which is shockingly superb for an essential stereo headset. Corsair picked 50mm drivers here, which are somewhat bigger than the 40mm drivers in both the Astro A10 and the pricier remote Astro A20 ($149, £149, AU$249) and yield sound that is only a smidge superior to both of those contributions.

I invest the greater part of my gaming energy nowadays in Rocket League for PlayStation 4, and the HS50 didn't disillusion. The beating electronic tunes conveyed both exact highs and strong – in spite of the fact that not blasting – bass tones, with pleasant separation between them. In like manner, the substantial boing of an all around coordinated hop, the pound of the ball bobbing and the touchy thrashing of being decimated by another auto all rang genuine and clear.

Moving over to Star Wars Battlefront II, the seat of my TIE Fighter's laser impacts reverberated clearly around my ears in the midst of the roaring impetus. The sound field doesn't feel colossal, yet it comes off as somewhat more extensive than Astro's choice. What's more, the thundering motors of Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One awed nearly as much as the diversion's astonishing illustrations. Nearly.

In like manner, the HS50 can adroitly deal with music, motion pictures, and other media, regardless of whether you're spilling media on your support or PC or utilizing the headset with your cell phone. Corsair's financial plan evaluated headset doesn't have the ornamentations of pricier headsets, for example, 7.1 encompass sound, however despite everything it awes at this value go.

The bendy, separable amplifier is exceptionally conservative, however measure doesn't influence its incredible account quality. Colleagues heard me boisterous and clear when playing on the web, and nearby accounts were super sharp. Corsair says it's Discord-ensured to work impeccably with the prominent gaming visit benefit, and in light of my testing, it should function admirably regardless of how you converse with buddies.

Last decision

There are clearly better gaming headsets available than the Corsair HS50. Obviously there are! It's solitary $50 (£55, AU$89). Be that as it may, you'd be unable to locate a more great spending gaming headset than this one.

It sparkles in about each regard, beginning with the sturdy, premium-feeling manufacture, which has a pleasantly downplayed interest and puts on a show of being a pricier gadget. Also, once you pop it on your arch and module, the HS50 continues eclipsing its sticker price on account of full, immersive sound and solid receiver execution.

In case you're willing to spend more on a headset, at that point you'll discover a lot of advantages, including Bluetooth remote help, stunning plans and encompass sound capacities – and those might be worth spending for. However, on the off chance that you would prefer not to rampage spend on a headset and simply require something that is able, flexible, and apparently worked to last, at that point the Corsair HS50 totally satisfies the assignment.


For the staying 10% of the aggregate score, we surveyed how simple to utilize and helpful every item is to really utilize. The Corsair HS50 again neglected to separate itself, justifying another fair 5 out of 10.

There are controls ideal on the earphones of the HS50 to control both the volume and quiet the receiver. We enjoyed that it is genuinely simple to rapidly hit the push catch to quiet the mic, yet very baffled at the shockingly short line (6.8') on the HS50. We observed this to be very constraining and we routinely found that we got captured by the shorter link. The link likewise isn't separable, so in the event that you harm it, be set up to supplant the entire headset.

Separable mics prove to be useful.

Separable mics prove to be useful.

The mic is separable, yet you don't have the alternative to empower a sidetone.


This headset is the correct cost for an esteem buy in this classification, however you can get quite a lot more value for the money with some different models.


All things considered, we didn't discover anything significantly amiss with this headset and it takes care of business. In any case, it is unimaginably a long way from being one of our top choices. It may be worth considering in the event that you can discover it profoundly reduced, however something else, there are much better headsets that cost the same.

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