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The 10 Best Xbox 360 Headsets So Far

Gaming is addictive to the point that it assumes control over your tangible receptors from all sides. Gaming on the substantial HD screen isn't sufficient, you must be bolstered by clear sound, particularly in First individual Shooter or MMO recreations. Sound is the fourth measurement of the universe made by the diversion designer to finish the experience. A gaming headset enables you to totally lose yourself in the amusement while having every one of the controls near and dear. While Xbox 360 is out of assembling at the present time, part of gamers still play on it due to spending cuts and sentimentality. So we got our hands filthy with the market and angled out the 10 best gaming headsets for Xbox 360. These fluctuate crosswise over spending plan, highlights and solace.

How to plug a gaming headset to the Xbox 360?

This is a precarious inquiry. Everyone has an alternate thought of doing this and there are numerous mixes of conceivable associations here. The controller of Xbox 360 has a 2.5mm port. Only for correlation, this is littler than the 3.5mm jack that typical earphones have. Also, this port just transfers the talk sound. So on the off chance that you were to just associate a Xbox to this port, you will just hear the talk sounds, the amusement sounds are still delivered from the comfort or the TV it's associated with.

Case1: Xbox 360 associated with the TV With Audio Out

On the off chance that your Xbox 360 is associated with the TV through the HDMI port, search for the splitter link included with the Xbox 360 headset. Associate it to the headset and the split end to the red and white ports checked 'Sound Out'. On the off chance that they are checked 'Sound In' or 'A/V In', these ports won't work.

In the event that your TV has a 3.5mm earphone jack, you can utilize the relating connector and associate the Xbox 360 headset to the earphone jack through it.

Case2: Xbox 360 associated with the TV Without Audio Out

On the off chance that your TV does not have 'Sound Out' jacks you can utilize a sound connector like Trenro RCA Audio Cable Adapter for XBOX 360 + Slim or Turtle Beach – Ear Force Xbox 360 Audio Adapter Cable – Xbox 360. This interfaces with the Xbox 360 and the headsets. This connector is required on the grounds that the Xbox 360 does not permit HDMI and A/V links to be connected to at the same time.

Xbox 360E requires an alternate connector for this situation.

Case 3: Surround Sound headsets

Encompass sound headsets may utilize a computerized optical link stamped S/PDIF, Toslink. In the event that you are utilizing the more seasoned Xbox 360 model, you won't locate an advanced optical port. You can connect to the advanced optical port of your TV rather for amusement sound. This is the port checked S/PDIF.

On the off chance that your TV does not have the computerized optical port, you require the Trenro RCA Audio Cable Adapter for XBOX 360 + Slim or Turtle Beach – Ear Force Xbox 360 Audio Adapter Cable – Xbox 360 connectors. These have a computerized optical port on the headset end.

Case 4: Connecting headset just for visit sounds:

In the event that you have a headset with link ending in a 2.5mm jack, interface it straightforwardly to the back of the controller. This will enact talk sound through the headset. The diversion sound will play through the TV or the Xbox 360 comfort.

In the event that the rope does not end in 2.5mm jack, locate a 3.5mm to 2.5mm connector.

Case 5: Connecting remote Xbox 360 headsets

Charge the remote Xbox 360 headset totally. In the event that it charges by means of a USB link. You can interface it to the USB port on the Xbox 360. You have to switch the comfort on for charging the headset.

Once the headset is charged, control on both the Xbox and the headset.

Press the Connect catch on the headset and the Xbox 360. Hold the catch for 2 seconds, until the point when they match.

The headset will associate with both the reassure and the controller. The lights on the headset ought to show the controller it is doled out to. In the event that you need to change the associated controller, press the Connect catch on the headset once more.

On the off chance that you don't get sound from the headset, quiet it. Presently modify the volume to the required level.

Nobody can hear your voice in the diversion? Tips to settle.

There are few different ways to settle the mic breakdown:

First check if the mic is truly not working. In the event that you are in a group and you can talk, the Xbox 360 demonstrates that with a LED. There's additionally a pointer that reveals to you whether the mic is associated or not. There's a 'Record a Message' alternative. The message can be played back to you. Thusly you will know whether the recorded sound has your words.

Check if the inline quiet is on.

Check the association with the headset on controller and the headset end. Generally these fittings require more power to be totally situated.

Attachment the Xbox 360 headset to another comfort or another gadget and check if the mic works there. Or then again interface another headset to the Xbox 360 and check if the mic works.

On the off chance that none of these assistance, it's conceivable you got a failure headset.

Which are the Best Xbox 360 Headsets?

The look for the best headsets for Xbox 360 was troublesome on the grounds that a large number of the items have deluding data on whether they are good with Xbox 360 or not. In any case, we dealt with them to locate the ones that will totally work with Xbox 360 and chose them in light of:

Similarity: We searched for just those headsets which incorporate all the important wires in the bundle to set up with Xbox 360. You won't need to purchase anything additional with them.

Sound: The best headsets for Xbox 360 offer exact immersive sound that can completely appreciate the frequencies of the sound intended for the amusement. Positional sound is vital in Shooting recreations and these headsets offer exact generation of even the littlest sounds. So, we stayed away from slack like torment.

Financial plan: Gamers are as of now on a tight spending plan with the consoles, the time spent on unending gaming, the lighting, and upkeep of their gaming mates. We have picked the best Xbox 360 headsets over a wide value go that gamers of different spending plans can deal with.

Solace: You will wear Xbox 360 headsets for a considerable length of time. We guaranteed that we got lightweight headsets with rich cushioning to balance the hold.

Highlights: Perks like remote availability, locally available controls, simple setup, mobile mic blast and so on got additional focuses for increasing the value of the specs of these Xbox 360 headsets.

Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Headsets in 2018 – Complete Chart


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset with Bluetooth Configure up to 18 customized presets to advance diversion, visit and mic audio $$$ 4.5

2. Turtle Beach – Ear Force X12 Amplified Stereo Gaming Best Xbox 360 Headsets Variable Bass Boost – Adds profundity and authenticity to the Xbox 360 diversion audio $$ 4.5

3. Tritton Warhead 7.1 Dolby Wireless Surround Headset – Xbox 360 True Wireless Xbox 360 talk – no link between the gamepad and headset $$ 4.3

4. Turtle Beach – Ear Force XLa Gaming Headset – Xbox 360 Amplified Audio – Enhances diversion sounds for a more immersive experience $$ 4.1

5. Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset for Xbox 360 Precision-Balanced, Amplified 50mm Speakers $$ 4.0

6. Polk Audio Melee Headphone Xbox 360 Tailor your sound involvement with four Immersion Modes (Forza Racer, Halo FPS, Music and Cinema) $$ 3.9

7. Turtle Beach – Ear Force X42 – Premium Wireless Gaming Headset with Dolby Surround Sound – Xbox 360 Wireless Digital Game Sound $$ 3.8

8. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Stereo Gaming Headset – Xbox 360 Personalize your headset with one of three included character decals $$ 3.8

9. Sades SA926 Gaming Headset Stereo Wired Over Ear Headphones with Microphone Clear solid working solid brass,acoustic situating precision $$ 3.8

10. Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset Separate equalizer and stereo expander presets $$ 3.8

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset with Bluetooth

Best Xbox 360 HeadsetsIf you are on full-gamer mode and prepared to belt out the money, Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 best remote encompass sound earphones will get you the experience of a lifetime with Xbox 360. This remote headset fits all the significant prerequisites like solace, precise sound, similarity and so forth.. Be that as it may, what separates it from rivalry are the horde customization highlights. A portion of these are not simply natural, these are truly mystic. Wild steeds couldn't have shielded it from garnish the best gaming headsets for Xbox 360 rundown.

Plan and Features

The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 Xbox 360 gaming headset advances from the X41. PX5 is a more hearty bit of programming. This bundle incorporates the headset and its transmitter base which likewise fills in as a control cushion of associations. They have substantial oval earpads on a swiveling earcup and an expansive headband. Both are luxuriously cushioned. A mic mounted on a bendy blast can be disengaged from the left earcup. This side likewise holds the USB Port, the Xbox visit port the preset catch and the diversion volume wheel. The privilege earcup conveys the mic quiet, the primary catch, a Bluetooth work catch and a Bluetooth volume switch.

The transmitting base, additionally a remain for this Xbox 360 headset, can be charged by means of USB. PX5 utilizes two AA batteries for activity. It can interface with up to 2 gadgets utilizing Bluetooth which implies you can screen your telephone while playing. It likewise makes great utilization of voice prompts to educate you regarding the dynamic sound presets. As embellishments, you get a 6-foot optical link, a Xbox Live Chat link, AA batteries, USB link and the USB control link. With the TVs that had the AV beneficiary, you can either drive the wires through the transmitter or sidestep it. The last manages better Bluetooth execution.

The presets are finished utilizing Turtle Beach's preset altering programming. You can set up to 18 default preset which are then exchanged straightforwardly to the headset utilizing the USB link. These presets incorporate 'Feature Footsteps' which can caution you of the adversary some time before she/he enters your advanced field of vision. The sound capacities are intricate and you nearly feel an undue favorable position while playing on PX5.


The sound execution of Ear Force PX5 Xbox 360 remote headset is getting by generally measures. With the presets in play, they pass on the amusement sound far and away superior. The bass is rich and dynamic to stay aware of the staccato rodent tat-tat of the gunfire and our destruction of whole towns. With a touch of bass lift, the shelling gets instinctive. The encompass sound is respectable. It's more or less great a headset. The mic checking usefulness, extremely missing in many gaming headsets today, causes us proportion our voice visit by bolstering us back our own sound.

Association drop is a steady risk at this recurrence. What's more, PX5 stays delicate to such impedances of Wi-Fi switches. Likewise the headset and transmitter should be observable pathway to work continuous. This shouldn't a colossal issue.


Remote at 2.45Ghz

Bluetooth association with two gadgets

Tweaked sound presets including feature strides

Rich, unique sound


Inclined to much impedance from 2.45 GHz gadgets

Turtle Beach – Ear Force X12 Amplified Stereo Gaming Best Xbox 360 Headsets

The Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 gaming headset is a prevalent alternative for how it adjusts highlights and cost. Its association procedure is truly direct and it offers restricted yet immensely vital highlights. Territories like solace and sound quality are awesome at the cost. It is a USB-controlled headset which implies it can't be utilized with cell phones and tablets. Yet, it stays outstanding amongst other gaming headsets for Xbox 360.

Outline and Features

Ideal out of the case, we were flabbergasted at the construct nature of Ear Force X12 Xbox 360 headset. Turtle Beach has put essentially in comfort. The bulky headset has oval earcups and a matte dark body broken just by the green logo. The earcups and the wide headband have cushy cushioning. These cushions are marginally firm and get gentler with utilize and time. All the more critically, they are sheathed with ventilating network material which enables your ears to relax.

This Xbox 360 headset is fueled by a USB link. You can run the USB link to a different charger or the Xbox itself while it's on. Despite the fact that this disposes of the requirement for a battery, we asked why this was required by any stretch of the imagination. X12 is an eager for power headset in spite of the fact that its highlights aren't that intricate. The intensified sound requires the USB control. The mic of X12 is mounted on an adaptable blast. The blast is additionally associated with a turning center on the earcup.

There's a control case inline which has dials for diversion volume, talk volume and a Bass Boost mode. You can't control the measure of bass however at any rate you have the alternative. . A Mic Mute catch is additionally given on this. The link of this headset runs 16 feet and closures in RCA plugs for typical Xbox hookup. While associated with control, you can utilize this headset for YouTube, Netflix, Pandora and so forth and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


The Ear Force X12 Xbox 360 headset opens up the sound for a more immersive sound. This outcomes in clear partition in the stereo sound. We weren't disturbed by the less sound presets. The bass lift was the special case that made a difference to us and it conveyed. In a gaming setting, the lift made the bass meatier without making it sound boomy and sloppy. It improved the general condition of gaming. The enumerating of sound is amazing at this cost. In a quick paced amusement, this was unmistakably useful in hearing for the foes.

There's mic checking which causes you keep your voice level. The sound reaction is extraordinary for music playback and TV seeing as well. It sounds rich and significant. It can turn on the bass power for move music.


Intensified, immersive sound

Uncomplicated association

Exceedingly agreeable and solid at the cost

Sensibly evaluated

Bass lift and separate amusement/talk volumes


Needs a USB link to be controlled

Tritton Warhead 7.1 Dolby Wireless Surround Headset – Xbox 360

Tritton Warhead Surround Sound Xbox 360 headset is a ubercool remote headset that looks like it. This is an exceptional headset took off alongside some way less expensive alternatives like the Detonator, Trigger and Primer. Each of these opposes their cost, yet Warhead is the really considerable example with its consistent activity. Its additional battery pack implies you can continue gaming marathons without even batting an eye for charge. It shot straight into the best gaming headsets for Xbox 360 rundown.

Plan and Features

The Tritton Warhead Xbox 360 headset watches smooth appropriate out of the crate. The pentagonal earcups are strangely well-fitting for the ears. The headband is moderately minimized. The arms of the headband contort and lay level. This is helpful for both movability and wearing them around the neck. The catches for different capacities like Mic quiet, mic volume, diversion volume, equalizer mode and so on will be on the earcups. A quiet light demonstrates that you are on quiet. The headset has a removable mic. It can turn the full circle. Isolating it will consequently quiet you.

This Xbox 360 headset is combined with a transmitter base. They work at 5.8Ghz which keeps obstruction from common sources like the diversion cushions and switch. The remote range is 33 feet. This base additionally fills in as a docking station and a charger. The side confronting you is very enlightening with an uproar of LEDs. You can synchronize in excess of one headset to the base also. A ring of light demonstrates which controller the headset is matched up with. The base has a compartment where you can charge the additional battery while one is working. The battery keeps going through 12 hours for every charge.

The Transmitter base powers through an AC connector and it associates with the Xbox by means of an optical link. Or then again you can associate with the TV by means of a RCA link. You would now be able to hit match up on the headset and the support and simply like that, you are ready.


The genuine may of Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound is tossed behind the Tritton Warhead Xbox 360 headset. This gives an immersive sound ordeal where you can lose yourself outwardly and sonically into the elective universe of the amusement. The local presets of Game, Music and Movies, all were superlative in their particular fields. You get a point by point proliferation for each situation with the exception of when the association is frail.

The bass fueled through nimbly for amusements. Blasts shook our firmly held exhibitions and satisfied the promotion of the cost. Mic observing is selectable so you can choose whether you need an input of your voice or not. This is capital since its prerequisite is a profoundly captivated discussion.


Remote at 5.8Ghz which disposes of impedance from normal sources

Two battery packs

Natural controls on headset and base

Base can associate with numerous headsets

Selectable mic observing



Turtle Beach – Ear Force XLa Gaming Headset – Xbox 360

On the off chance that you are simply beginning with Xbox 360 or you are on a shoestring spending plan, Turtle Beach has an astounding headset for you. The XLa Xbox 360 headset is a cheap method to get the best gaming sound in its value go. With its USB-fueled execution it dispenses with batteries from the photo. The list of capabilities is essential yet top notch. Yet, the thing that awed us the most is the astonishing worth it conveys to the table. It is highly unlikely we could have missed it in the best gaming headsets for Xbox 360 rundown.

Plan and Features

The Ear Force XLa Xbox 360 headset searches not too bad at its cost. This is an on-ear headset, i.e. it doesn't circumvent the ears. The earcups lay on the ears. Solace is emotional so we recommend you give it a shot. The earcups are round and mounted with cushy froth that facilitates the weight on to your ears. The headband is tolerably cushioned. The headset feels lightweight and is agreeable for extended periods. It might get sweat-soaked in the ears yet that occurs with many gaming headsets. We have heard no toughness issues for year-long utilize, which is a ton at the cost.

Every one of the catches are on the earcups so it requires some investment to take in their positions. You have free diversion and talk volume controls on this Xbox 360 headset. A quiet catch permits you a private discussion. The talk sound achieves the two ears. A variable bass lift wheel is furnished for playing with the lower frequencies. The XLa is controlled by a USB link. To set it up, you have to interface the headset to control utilizing this USB link. Furthermore, interface the RCA fitting to the back of the Xbox or TV, wherever the amusement sound is directed. The visit link fans out the fundamental wire and can be associated with the controller.


The sound trumps the officially stellar physical interest of the XLa Xbox 360 headset. Despite the fact that it is anything but an encompass sound, the stereo sound fills in as a solid partner. You can promptly recognize the bearing of the sound. The little points of interest are effectively increased and handed-off to the headset which can be used to make a stealthy move. The bass lift is especially convenient to appreciate the more vicious scenes. It adds gravitas to the blasting blasts and the voice of the adversary.

Mic checking comes as a standard piece of the bundle. The mic grabs your voice on point and turns into an important resource in talk escalated amusements.



Phenomenal sound quality and strength

Intensified sound by means of USB charger

Variable bass lift


On-ear configuration isn't happy for delayed utilize

Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset for Xbox 360

Polk Audio Melee Xbox 360 headset is premium admission, all the more so in light of the fact that it has been only planned by Polk Audio pair with Microsoft. Diversion and sound architects teamed up to make this creative outline and pump its top notch sound. This is a wired headset, yet its link course of action compensates for this. This is a standout amongst other gaming headsets for Xbox 360 worth looking at, particularly with the most recent arrangements.

Outline and Features

Polk Audio Melee Xbox 360 headset has a retro-advanced plan as clarified by their designers. The earcups are rectangular and hung on a wide and ideally cushioned headband. The ear pieces swivel in the arms and overlay level when not being used. The outline is fortified with aluminum arms which guarantees better strength. A retractable close field mic is housed in the left earcup. It tends to be clicked and locked in.

The link course of action of this Xbox 360 headset is a preliminary that triumphed. It dons a burly Y-formed connector that fittings into the controller of Xbox 360. This has volume wheels for amusement and visit volumes at the tips of either branch. You can tap the tips for quieting. There's a power catch and a Mode catch for getting to preset sound profiles. So you can oversee volume, quiet and adjustment without grasping your hands off the controller. From the connector a link hurries to the headset and attachments into its 3.5mm port. Another link keeps running from the connector to DSP speaker which additionally interfaces through USB and optical link to the comfort.

In spite of the fact that it would seem that Melee has an entire skirmish of wires, we advise you that the cabling is considerably more straight and straightforward. A power link to the headset would confine head development.


The feature of the Melee Xbox 360 headset is the modified evening out modes. There are four: Halo, Forza, Music and film. As the names propose, every Equalizer mode has been custom fitted to the sound of those specific circumstances. With both the amusements, we saw the points of interest that weren't perceivable with different headsets. Dolby Digital Decoding can be locked in by a switch on the DSP enhancer. This conveys additional capacity to the sound and a refinement between the spatial prompts from different headings.


Direct cabling framework

Controls inside the compass of a thumb

Tweaked Halo and Forza evened out modes

Aluminum structure


The heaviness of connector needs becoming acclimated to

Turtle Beach – Ear Force X42 – Premium Wireless Gaming Headset with Dolby Surround Sound – Xbox 360

Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 Xbox 360 headset utilizes Dolby Surround Sound preparing to present to you a completely engaging gaming knowledge. Being remote, it likewise spares you from the pandemonium of wires. This agreeable plan consolidates exceedingly pertinent highlights with not too bad Surround Sound. That is the sort of usefulness we search for in the best gaming headsets for Xbox 360.

Outline and Features

A bypass from convention, the X42 Xbox 360 headset has round earcups. Both the ear pieces and the headband are cushioned ideally and sheathed in work like material which gives great air flow. On the left earcup, you discover the power catch, the impact catch, the amusement sound volume and a port for the Xbox 360 talkback link. The mic is mounted on an adaptable blast and associated with the privilege earcup. X42 draws control from 2 AA batteries for the in-constructed enhancer.

This Xbox 360 headset accompanies a remote transmitter. This is an extremely minimized gadget. It is fueled by a USB link. The transmitter utilizes double band frequencies at 5 Ghz and 2.4Ghz. This guarantees less obstruction from normal sources like the Wi-Fi switches which additionally work at 2.45 Ghz. The association with the TV is through the optical link. Simple link association is conceivable with X42, yet the applicable links are not sent with it.


The X42 Xbox 360 headset works hard with the Surround Sound innovation. While it can't offer genuine Surround at this financial plan, we found a huge change in amusement elements. Sound prompts are clearer and the sound is more generous than stereo sound. The X42 offers numerous EQ presets like bass lift, treble lift, treble bass lift. What's more, it likewise offers 6 distinctive encompass edge settings. These make the impact of speakers being put at different positions in respect to your ears. These are for you to investigate and judge how you like your positional signals: close or generally spread. This can be chosen from the transmitter box.

Aside from mic checking, a feature highlight of the X42 is the Dynamic Chat Boost. With this, the visit volume increments naturally as the amusement sounds increment. So you can in any case hear your companions through the thick blend of gunfire and running.


Connecting with sound with a trace of Surround Sound

Double band association for less obstruction

Dynamic Chat Boost in light of amusement sound

Encompass edge EQ presets


No simple links gave

Turtle Beach – Ear Force Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Stereo Gaming Headset – Xbox 360

Turtle Beach Ear Force Disney Infinity headset is a cool device back to front. Composed with Disney decals, this headset has unmistakable young looks to it. It's a wired headset that accompanies all links required to associate with Xbox 360. Its esteem is improved by their astounding unwavering quality and long life. It relegates bother free stereo sound with restricted associations on a financial plan. It blasts sufficiently enormous to sprinkle into the best gaming headsets for Xbox 360.

Plan and Features

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Disney Infinity Xbox 360 headset is an around-ear plan. It has long oval earcups that sit on the external edges of the ears. The headband is wide and richly cushioned. The pads on both the earcups and the headband are sheathed in permeable material which encourages appropriate air dissemination. The earcups can swivel forward and adjust to your head shape. There are three distinctive decal plates provided with the bundle that can be supplanted.

The Xbox 360 headset has a mic mounted on an adaptable blast joined to one side earcup. It draws control for intensification from a USB link which can be disengaged when not being used. The link that associates with the Xbox/TV has an inline remote. This control has free diversion and visit volume haggles quiet catch. A bass lift wheel is likewise accessible for variable profundity to low-end frequencies.


In every way that really matters, the Ear Force Disney Infinity Xbox 360 headset sounds practically like the X12. There are strong lows which highlight the deafening hints of the diversion. The discoursed have clearness. You can hear them over the commotion. Bass lift alternative surrenders you a leg in the bass office. Indeed, even at its value, it doesn't sound sloppy or get mutilated at high volumes. This is a noteworthy accomplishment. The mic is superb at discourse acknowledgment. The associations are spotless and the headset doesn't abandon you when you require it the most.

Mic observing is given with the goal that you can screen your voice level.



Replaceable earplate decals

Clear stable with bass lift choice

Can be utilized without amp with PS4 too



Sades SA926 Gaming Headset Stereo Wired Over Ear Headphones with Microphone

Sades SA926 gaming headset stereo Xbox 360 headset is a dazzling tough piece all done up in cover hues. With or without the sound, this headset appears to be prepared for some gaming. They have impaired the Xbox 360 associations with a degree that it very well may be associated with every single essential gadget by just after the principle wire. The sound quality is awesome to run with the cost and the solace level matches. This is an easy decision for the best gaming headsets for Xbox 360 rundown.

Outline and Features

Sades SA926 Xbox headset resembles a scaled down mammoth. It has enormous earcups held together by an expansive however thin headband. The earcups are course oval and lavishly cushioned. Their posteriors are done in cover design. The metal headband has cushioning over the cranial curve. It is sheathed in cowhide and sewn with a differentiating shading. The earpads are sheathed in protein cowhide to reach the ears. The headband is ultra-bendy and nearly levels in reverse. Being completely made of metal, this headset is tough as its premium.

The links between the earpieces and the one that goes to the mic are meshed. The mic is essentially a caliper holding a wire through it and a mic on its end. It can pivot here and there and forward/in reverse on an adaptable arm. A hard core link results from the headset. There's an inline remote from which a link diverges the Xbox controller. The fundamental link parts and goes to the Xbox 360 and the AV ports of the TV. All converters required are delivered with the bundle.


Disregard all pretentions; Sades SA926 brings you just extraordinary sound at its cost. Most moderate headsets more often than not help the amount of bass without thinking about its subtle elements. However, the bass in SA926 is exceptionally settled. It exceeds expectations in both amount and quality. The treble coordinates with the bass in such manner. The vocals are not relinquished at the sacrificial tables of the two. The talk sound stays fresh and clear. You don't need to EQ the sound at all for every one of these advantages. The characteristic sound of this Xbox 360 headset is that great.


Metal development

Perfect disguise plan

Rich and dynamic sound with lucidity


The bulky look isn't for open wearing

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset

The Turtle Beach name has been disavowed too often in this rundown. Be that as it may, they have the most broad gathering of the best remote gaming headsets and alluring costs. The XP40 Xbox 360 headset offers some magnificent highlights at an exceptionally sensible cost, thinking about its remote. We observed it to be a lot and a superb contender for the best gaming headsets for Xbox 360 rundown. 

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