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HTC U12 Life review

Things are not going great for HTC's portable division. The buttonless structure of the HTC U12 Plus was a slump and poor deals as a rule have prompted cutbacks. The inventive Android pioneer is on the ropes and needing a hit. We adored a year ago's HTC U11 Life, which refined its leader kin's highlights into a more moderate bundle, however the HTC U12 Life is an alternate monster through and through.
HTC U12 Life review

This midrange offering comes in at £300 in the U.K. or then again 350 Euros in Europe (around $350) yet won't get an authority U.S. discharge. It bears little connection to the U12 Plus, which is likely something to be thankful for. With an intriguing stripy plan, extra large screen and battery, and an enticing cost, is there space for the U12 Life to sever a bit of the undeniably aggressive midrange showcase? We think there is, yet it should beat contenders like the Nokia 7.1 and Motorola One for your friendship.


As producers keep on taking up arms against the bezel, HTC has lingered behind a touch of, opposing the score and holding edges above and underneath the screen. The U12 Life has a not too bad screen-to-body proportion with its 6-inch show taking up very nearly 80 percent of the front. There's likewise a forward looking speaker in the best bezel with the selfie camera to one side.

When you flip the U12 Life over, things get more fascinating as the nonexclusive facade offers route to a glossy plastic plan that HTC calls acrylic glass. Our survey unit is purple, however it comes in blue also. There's a two-tone design, somewhat like Google's Pixel telephones, with a sparkling best segment that houses a double focal point camera module at the upper left and a unique finger impression sensor in the center.

A particular, stripy, finished complete spreads the last 66% of the U12 Life. It makes the telephone somewhat less demanding to hold, however it doesn't reach out around the sides, yet the primary advantage is that it doesn't demonstrate finger smircesh and spreads like the gleaming best segment does.

It bears little connection to the U12 Plus, which is presumably something to be thankful for.

On the left side you'll discover the SIM card plate with space for a MicroSD card. On the in that spot's the volume rocker with a finished power catch further down. The base edge is home to the USB-C port and the base terminating speaker. There's an amazement up best in the state of a 3.5mm sound jack, which is something HTC has not offered in its last couple of telephones.

It's a gorgeous telephone, however it feels somewhat thick and undeniably plastic close by. It appears to be somewhat odd that the unique finger impression sensor sits in the gleaming area at the best since that drives unavoidably to unattractive finger smears. We expect that is the reason Google shrank the gleaming segment down in the Pixel 2 and 3, setting the unique finger impression sensor in the matte segment.

HTC U12 Life survey

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

The plan is pleasant, however midrange and even spending telephones have developed a far cry in the course of the most recent year, regularly resounding the glass structures and indented showcases of their more costly counterparts. We think there are more attractive and costly inclination telephones in this value section – the Nokia 7.1 instantly springs to mind, for instance.

Advanced catches and squeezable sides are mysteriously absent in the U12 Life and water opposition has obliged them. We extremely disdained the advanced catches of the U12 Plus, so we're not baffled by that, but rather we think Edge Sense is helpful and the absence of any IP rating feels like a stage in reverse – a year ago's U11 Life had both.

Excitement ON A BUDGET

We're satisfied to discover stereo speakers in the U12 Life, however they aren't adequate to get the Boomsound mark and the volume is restricted. Earphones are constantly unrivaled and we're certain that a few people will be glad to see the arrival of the 3.5mm sound jack.

The 6-inch show is a decent size for watching films and gaming, yet it's not the best quality.

The 6-inch show is a decent size for watching motion pictures and gaming, yet it's not the best quality. The 18:9 perspective proportion is fine and the goals of 2,160 x 1,080, which means 402 pixels-per-inch is bounty sharp enough, yet it doesn't generally get sufficiently brilliant. On the off chance that you change the splendor it just switches auto-brilliance off through and through, so you can't set your favored dimensions which we discovered irritating.

The hues and differentiation are great, and you need to acknowledge that you're not going to get OLED at this cost. The screen in the Nokia 7.1 appears to be comparable on paper, however it flaunts an imperative additional that the U12 Life needs in the state of HDR10 bolster. On the off chance that you watch a great deal of Netflix motion pictures or other HDR content this is a significant critical contrast and it makes the Nokia (which is sold in the U.S.) a substantially more alluring prospect.


The HTC U12 Life has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor with 4GB of RAM. There's 64GB of capacity, with barely short of 50GB usable out of the crate, and a MicroSD card space for extension.

Those specs are actually equivalent to one of its greatest rivals: The Nokia 7.1, which we just named our best spending telephone.

htc u12 life audit screen capture 20181101 105804

htc u12 life audit screen capture 20181101 105814

htc u12 life audit screen capture 20181101 105831

htc u12 life audit screen capture 20181101 105918

htc u12 life audit screen capture 20181107 154229

On the off chance that we take a gander at the benchmarks, the U12 Life really turns out marginally ahead, however, all things considered, we experienced periodic issues with moderate stacking and faltering, particularly in the camera application. (The AnTuTu benchmark is absent as the application declined to introduce on our unit.)

Geekbench 4 CPU: 1,345 single-center; 4,936 multi-center

3DMark Sling Shot Extreme: 763 (Vulkan)

The HTC U12 Life is by and large quick and responsive. These outcomes are about what you'd expect dependent on the equipment, and more often than not the U12 Life served us well.

We played amusements like Project Highrise and Asphalt 9 with no issues, web perusing was smooth, however we experienced periodic slack swapping all through applications, and some applications took more time to stack than they ought to have.

The HTC U12 Life runs Android 8.1 Oreo with HTC's Sense UI to finish everything. Swipe left to right and you get BlinkFeed, which is HTC's collected news source. We don't think that its exceptionally valuable, however fortunately it's anything but difficult to evacuate.


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TouchPal is likewise introduced as the default console and there are a wide range of topics you can browse on the off chance that you need to modify your home screens. We discover HTC's product a bit nasty, with a couple of such a large number of notices and recommendations springing up and some superfluous applications preinstalled.

The appear differently in relation to the Nokia 7.1, which is an Android One telephone that is free of bloatware, is distinct. Not exclusively does the Nokia feel snappier, it's additionally certain to get the Android 9 Pie refresh sooner than the U12 Life, and it's ensured quick form refreshes for a long time, and security refreshes for a long time. In the event that the U12 Life was an Android One telephone it is simpler to suggest.


You'll locate a double focal point fundamental camera in the HTC U12 Life, which combines a 12-megapixel primary focal point with a f/2.0 gap and a 5-megapixel auxiliary focal point. This mix empowers it to accomplish a fair bokeh impact with obscured foundations for picture shots.

htc u12 life audit camera test display 1

htc u12 life survey camera test exhibition 8

Utilizing the camera with the programmed settings, we discovered it took respectable photographs in great lighting conditions, yet the quality disintegrated quickly as the light blurred. You need to keep still and hold up to get a better than average shot. Development will in general outcome in a touch of obscuring. Overexposure is additionally an issue, particularly in blended lighting.

HDR is off naturally and when you turn it on the camera turns out to be generally ease back to snap a shot, and ease back to process. We really thought it had solidified as it took so long to process one shot. Commonly we'd recommend you need HDR turned on constantly, however it's not simply the ease back handling you need to stress over here.

htc u12 life survey camera test hdr off

htc u12 life survey camera test hdr on

We think there are issues with the camera application and programming tuning. In the event that you take a gander at these two shots, you can see the more brilliant one has HDR turned on. It is by all accounts a bit excessively forceful, losing difference, and influencing scenes to seem a lot more brilliant no matter how you look at it than they really were.

Detail levels and shading exactness are useful for a midrange gadget, you simply require a relentless hand and appropriate light to maximize it. Anticipate that grain will sneak in the moment the sun goes down.

htc u12 life survey camera test picture 4

htc u12 life survey camera test picture 3

We were agreeably astonished by the picture mode in the U12 Life. It takes a touch of fiddling and it's not particularly quick, with alerts that streak up in case you're excessively close or a long way from your subject, yet persevere and you can get some stunning photographs. On the off chance that you ache for those DSLR-like obscured foundations, you can get them with this camera, however on the off chance that you look carefully, you'll see it does once in a while botch up at the edges.

It's a blended pack all things considered in the camera office. On the off chance that HTC could reveal a product settle for the HDR to change the tuning and speed it up a bit that would be extraordinary, yet as it remains there are defects here.


For anybody experiencing battery tension, the HTC U12 Life will mitigate those nerves. It packs a 3,600mAh battery which will effortlessly observe you through a bustling day. Indeed, even with an all-inclusive gaming session we found the U12 Life had somewhat left in the tank at sleep time. A normal day of blended utilize should abandon you with 30 to 40 percent before the day's over.

For anybody experiencing battery tension, the HTC U12 Life will relieve those nerves.

There's no genuine quick charging here. It charged from 10 percent to 43 percent in 30 minutes with the charger and link provided in the case. It took barely a hour and half to hit 100 percent. You won't discover any help for remote charging either, which is not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone's mind in the midrange advertise.


The HTC U12 Life costs £300 in the U.K. what's more, 350 Euros on the landmass where it's generally accessible. It would most likely be $350 stateside, however HTC tragically has no plans to dispatch this telephone in the U.S. You could generally get one direct from HTC, however it won't work with Verizon or Sprint.

HTC offers a standard one-year guarantee that covers producing absconds.


The HTC U12 Life is a strong midrange cell phone with a considerable measure to offer. It's certainly a stage up from midrange unremarkableness, yet there are bargains here. We like the plan, the substantial screen, and the long battery life, however it's let somewhere around blemishes in the product.

Is there a superior option?

Truly, we think the Nokia 7.1 is a superior telephone. The uncluttered programming, the nature of the manufacture, and the somewhat better presentation and camera include than a general better gadget.

You may likewise consider the Android One variant of the Moto X4, or the Moto G6 Plus in case you're in the U.K. They don't exactly coordinate the U12 Life in all territories, however they are both somewhat less expensive.

To what extent will it last?

You can hope to get two years out of the HTC U12 Life. The plastic body of the U12 Life will be more solid than glass, yet it lacks an IP rating for water obstruction, and you'll presumably need a case to secure the glass front.

We wish HTC had stayed with Android One which would have ensured security refreshes for a long time, and no less than two Android rendition redesigns. The way things are, we figure the U12 Life will get Android 9 Pie, however we're not excessively idealistic about programming refreshes for this telephone past that.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

On the off chance that you cherish the structure and an extra large screen and battery are needs for you, at that point you ought to simply ahead and purchase the HTC U12 Life. A great many people should purchase the Nokia 7.1.

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