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iPhone XS review

The iPhone XS is the most exhausting iPhone of the year. It's eclipsed by the gigantic, 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, and the crisp structure of the more moderate iPhone XR, which will touch base in October. Be that as it may, from numerous points of view, the iPhone XS is our top pick. It has an impeccably estimated screen that is usable with one hand, over important execution and camera redesigns that make it the best iPhone yet.
iphone xs

Natural DESIGN

The iPhone XS is relatively indistinct from an iPhone X. We say almost, on the grounds that there are a couple of tells. On the off chance that it's in gold, it's the iPhone XS. The new shading adds an exquisite sparkle to the edges of the telephone, however the back looks paler — relatively pinkish. The back can likewise marginally change shading in various lighting, which is a decent touch.

At the plain base, you'll see Apple has cut the quantity of gaps on the left edge of the telephone from six to three. Why? There's currently a reception apparatus band on the base consuming that room, which is a piece of the new 4×4 MIMO (various in numerous out) structure to permit quicker and more grounded web network. In our own informal speed test through the SpeedSmart application (on AT&T's system), our iPhone X hit download rates of around 64Mbps, and transfer velocities of 14Mbps. In correlation, our iPhone XS dealt with a 74Mbps download speed, and 17Mbps transfer. LTE availability is unquestionably quicker, however it was hard to see a prompt enhancement everyday.

iphone xs

iPhone XS survey

iPhone XS survey

iPhone XS survey

Over on the back, the double camera module is a hair taller on the iPhone XS. We notice these two minor changes generally in light of the fact that you will most likely be unable to utilize old iPhone X cases on the XS. We've tried a bunch, and keeping in mind that some fit without an issue, others didn't. Fortunately, there are a lot of iPhone XS cases accessible at a scope of costs, and we've adjusted our top choices in a convenient guide.

Everything else is pretty much the equivalent — that is, in case you're originating from an iPhone X. The glass is purportedly more strong than any time in recent memory, however it's as yet a unique finger impression magnet on the off chance that you swear off a case. The tempered steel outline feels decent to the touch, and it's additionally more grounded than the aluminum utilized on gadgets like the iPhone XR or iPhone 8 Plus.

It's richly negligible, made with excellent materials that shout wonderful, and fits consummately in our palm.

Be that as it may, for some individuals, the iPhone XS will be their first invasion into utilizing an iPhone without a home catch, which implies there will be a time of change in accordance with become accustomed to the motion route framework. It shouldn't take too long, on the grounds that we believe it's a significantly more instinctive method for collaborating with iOS; it's far superior than the new motion controls presented in Google's Android 9 Pie.

It might likewise require some investment becoming acclimated to Face ID, which gives you a chance to open the telephone just by looking at the screen. Apple said Face ID is definitely more secure than its old Touch ID framework, and that is altogether made conceivable because of the TrueDepth camera and sensors in the indent at the highest point of the screen. With the iPhone XS, Face ID is marginally quicker, and it's somewhat observable through direct examinations with the iPhone X. Face ID is a far cry superior to anything when it was first presented a year ago, and we've less issues opening the telephone in obscurity. We're truly beginning to appreciate utilizing it more than unique finger impression sensors on different telephones, and now with iOS 12 you can set up another person's face as a substitute ID too.

iPhone XS survey

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The iPhone XS is our top pick measured iPhone. It's carefully insignificant, made with great materials that shout wonderful, and fits splendidly in our palm. In any case, if it's too little for you, look at our iPhone XS Max audit for our musings on one of the greatest iPhones to date. What's more, obviously, read our iPhone XR hands-on survey to hold you over until the point that it goes marked down in October.


The 5.8-inch screen on the front is indistinguishable size from the iPhone X, yet not at all like a year ago, the iPhone XS is the littlest in the current harvest of 2018 iPhones. The iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch screen, and the iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch screen. That being stated, the body of the iPhone XS is just somewhat greater than the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or iPhone 6, all of which had 4.7-inch screens. You're getting an a lot greater screen, for a barely bigger body. We believe it's the ideal size: sufficiently enormous to make watching motion pictures and recordings feel vivid, however not all that huge that it's hard to utilize one given (in contrast to the XS Max).

The OLED screen is completely perfect. It's bounty beautiful, without looking oversaturated, and the OLED truly helps make blacks look so profound that it's difficult to see the indent at the best on the off chance that you utilize a dull backdrop. The screen has 2,436 x 1,125 screen goals (458 pixels for each inch), and it's sharp. Motion pictures and shows like Ready Player One and Iron Fist look unbelievably fresh, point by point, and vivid, particularly because of help for Dolby Vision and HDR10. Everything sounds better as well, as Apple enhanced the speakers for more extensive stereo sound, however they're not unreasonably noisy when utilized outside in occupied conditions. This is extremely enough screen for the vast majority, yet on the off chance that you oftentimes marathon watch appears on your telephone, you may need the additional screen land the iPhone XS Max offers.

iPhone XS audit

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

We never had an issue seeing the screen at any point on the XS, and the screen likewise figured out how to get sufficiently splendid to see outside (however we had to wrench the brilliance to the maximum). Apple's True Tone innovation makes an appreciated return — it coordinates the tone of the screen to the encompassing lighting in your encompassing — which makes the screen wonderful to take a gander at in a wide range of situations.


The iPhone XS is fueled by Apple's A12 Bionic processor, which is Apple's first versatile processor manufactured utilizing a 7 nanometer process. It houses 6.9 billion transistors, and Apple said it can convey more grounded execution, while as yet being more effective than a year ago's A11 Bionic. There's a Neural Engine inside again for machine learning errands, yet Apple said it presently has six more centers (for an aggregate of eight) that enable it to process 5 trillion activities for every second. Those are staggering numbers, yet by the day's end all you have to know is this is the most amazing cell phone on the planet at the present time.

This is the most amazing cell phone on the planet at the present time.

Regardless of whether it's an expanded reality (AR) diversion like AR Robot, a graphically-concentrated amusement like Asphalt 9: Legends, or just swapping between various applications as you juggle distinctive undertakings, you won't have issues running any application or administration on the iPhone XS.

Here are a couple of benchmark results:

AnTuTu 3DBench: 334,325

Geekbench 4 CPU: 4,831 single-center; 11,443 multi-center

These numbers are the most astounding we've seen to date from any cell phone, with the nearest originating from Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 with its 273,992 AnTuTu score. Benchmarks aren't the best proportion of certifiable execution, however these numbers give you a solid thought of the power inside Apple's new iPhones.

Matched with this rich smooth execution is the most recent adaptation of Apple's portable working framework — iOS 12. We've secured all the new highlights in the refresh, yet our top choices incorporate the new gathered notices framework, which makes them far simpler to oversee; Memojis, which let you make Animojis dependent on your own symbol; and Siri Suggestions, which truly presents accommodating recommendations. You can peruse our full impressions in our iOS 12 survey.

Enhanced CAMERA

While on a surface dimension it might appear as if Apple hasn't changed the camera from the iPhone X, there are some critical in the engine upgrades in the iPhone XS. You get the equivalent double camera framework: A 12-megapixel standard focal point with a f/1.8 opening, combined with a 12-megapixel zooming focal point with a f/2.4 gap. Both have optical picture adjustment, and you can catch 4K video up to 60 outlines for every second. The picture sensor is currently bigger, be that as it may, which assists with better low-light photographs.

iPhone XS test photograph Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

iPhone XS test photograph Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Not surprisingly, there's just about zero slack when endeavoring to snap a photograph. The camera application rushes to dispatch, simple to work, and it snaps photographs quick. Pictures are regularly very much nitty gritty with great shading, however there are two regions where sensational enhancements are obvious. The first is low light — investigate the image underneath. The hues on the iPhone XS photograph are unquestionably more common and engaging, there's less grain than the iPhone X photograph, and splendid lights don't look overexposed on the XS photograph.

iPhone XS test photograph night

iPhone X test photograph night

Left: iPhone XS; Right: iPhone X Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

That last piece — where lights on the XS photograph don't look overexposed — is because of another element called Smart HDR. Basically, the camera snaps more photographs than any other time in recent memory when you tap on the screen catch. That incorporates taking photographs at three distinct exposures, and after that joining them all to make the best photograph that doesn't victory splendid lights, or underexpose dull territories. It's extraordinary for high-differentiate situations, and a standout amongst other precedents flaunting the distinction can be seen with the photograph beneath.

iPhone XS

iPhone X Sample Photo

Left: iPhone XS; Right: iPhone X Brenda Stolyar/Digital Trends

There are a couple of spots in the iPhone X photograph that are excessively smothered, for example, the subject's temple and the foundation. Shrewd HDR on the iPhone XS is fit for catching more photographs at various exposures to dodge that issue, taking into account a significantly more regular looking photograph that is similarly as nitty gritty, with solid shading precision. It's a superb expansion, and it effectively enhances the nature of photographs leaving the iPhone XS significantly.

Apple likewise said it enhanced Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting with the new iPhone XS, yet the upgrades we've discovered come from the new Smart HDR highlight, and the bigger sensor which includes less grain in low light. Apple still has probably the best shading precision here, however we think the Google Pixel 2 still pounds the opposition by and large with Portrait Mode photographs. While we don't consider this to be much with the back camera on the iPhone XS, there are still issues with Portrait Mode precisely distinguishing the edges of a subject, particularly with hair, for Portrait Mode selfies.

apple iphone xs audit representation mode selfie x

apple iphone xs audit representation mode selfie

apple iphone xs audit representation mode selfie pixel 2

Left: iPhone XS; Center: iPhone X; Right: Pixel 2 Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Close by the enhanced Portrait Mode is another element called Depth Control. It gives you a chance to change the force of the haze on any Portrait Mode photograph gone up against an iPhone XS or XS Max. You can include a more grounded haze, or evacuate it totally. It's a slick component that gives you a chance to modify precisely how you need your photographs to look before sharing them.

apple iphone xs survey picture mode

apple iphone xs survey picture mode x

apple iphone xs survey picture mode pixel 2

Left: iPhone X; Center: iPhone XS; Right: Pixel 2 Brenda Stolyar/Digital Trends

Apple said it additionally enhanced the dynamic range for recordings caught on the iPhone XS, and also low light execution (up to 4K 30 FPS), and the outcomes are without a doubt magnificent. The adjustment keeps on being solid, yet the hues inspire, as it looks fantastically normal and consistent with life. There's likewise stereo account accessible, which is a pleasant expansion.

Everything considered, the iPhone XS has a phenomenal camera with really recognizable enhancements over a year ago's iPhone X. Does it accept the crown as the best camera telephone accessible available? We'll be accomplishing more broad testing with a scope of telephones to discover.


The iPhone XS will present about an entire day of battery life, and very little more with the 2,658mAh battery inside. Following multi day of substantial testing, including music gushing, watching recordings, taking heaps of photographs, and running benchmarking applications, we totaled almost six hours of screen on time (the measure of time the screen has been on), which is incredible. That implied the iPhone XS began at 100 percent at 7:30 a.m. what's more, hit 24 percent by 5:30 p.m., so we flipped on low power mode, and it hit 20 percent by 6 p.m.

While that is with overwhelming use, all things considered you can hope to end a work day (around 6 p.m.) with 35 percent remaining or progressively on the off chance that you haven't utilized your telephone excessively. We don't figure this battery will take you to a second day of use (aside from light utilization situations), which is frustrating.


apple iphone xr press

Apple iPhone XR

apple iphone xs max press

Apple iPhone XS Max

apple iphone x press

Apple iPhone X

apple iphone 7 item

Apple iPhone 7

apple iphone 7 or more item

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

apple iphone se

Apple iPhone SE

iphone 6s or more press

iPhone 6S Plus

apple iphone 6 5 inch in addition to press

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

apple iphone 6 press

Apple iPhone 6

apple iphone 5c survey squeeze picture

Apple iPhone 5C

apple iphone 5 front

Apple iPhone 5

apple-iphone-4s-show iso-5-home-screen

Apple iPhone 4S

apple iphone 4 audit

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB

Apple iPhone (4GB)

The iPhone XS supports quicker remote charging because of a more tightly curl plan, and we've absolutely observed it energize somewhat quicker on a cushion than the iPhone X, however we wish Apple incorporated a quick charging link in the case. You have to purchase the USB-C to Lighting link independently for $19, and a 30W charger for $49. That is an additional $68 in extras, while pretty much every Android maker gives you both in the container. Maybe significantly more unforgiveable, you'll have to burn through $9 just to utilize standard earphones with the XS, since Apple has excluded the Lightning to 3.5mm connector this year. This is an exceptional telephone, however Apple's eager nickel-and-dime money snatches are gaining out of power.


The iPhone XS begins at $999 for the 64GB model, and goes as far as possible up to $1,349 for the 512GB stockpiling alternative. It's accessible today from an assortment of retailers, bearers, and also the Apple Store.

Apple offers a standard one-year guarantee that covers producer abandons.


The iPhone XS is an unassuming overhaul over the iPhone X, however it's as yet the flawlessly measured iPhone that conveys outstanding execution, and a brilliant camera.

Is there a superior option?

Truly, the iPhone XS Max. In any case, that is just on the off chance that you need the 6.5-inch screen, which may demonstrate excessively unwieldy for a few. The less expensive option is the iPhone XR, however we'll have to trust that it will land in October to perceive what it's value. It has the equivalent A12 Bionic processor, a solitary focal point camera, Smart HDR, Portrait Mode, and also Depth Control — all at a less expensive $750 sticker price.

If its all the same to you swapping to Android, we prescribe holding up to perceive what's in store one month from now as there are a few handsets outfitting to dispatch, for example, the LG V40, the Google Pixel 3, the Sony Xperia XZ3, the OnePlus 6T, and the sky is the limit from there.

To what extent will it last?

The iPhone XS is enveloped by glass, and regardless of how solid Apple says it will be, it's as yet inclined to breaking when dropped. We prescribe purchasing a case to ensure your pricy speculation. The telephone is IP68 water safe, which is an enhancement, and it implies it can remain submerged up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. Apple conveys programming updates to its cell phones for quite a long while, so it's protected to state this telephone will last you four to five years, perhaps more, however you may need to supplant the battery sooner or later when it begins to corrupt.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Indeed. In the event that you need the best telephone from Apple that you can use with one hand, get the iPhone XS. On the off chance that you're attentive on the $999 sticker price, we prescribe sitting tight for the iPhone XR.

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