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The HTC U11 Life review

The HTC U11 has it each of the: A beautiful structure, an extraordinary camera, smooth execution, and great battery life. Be that as it may, as most other Android leader cell phones, it's costly at $650. To contact a more extensive group of onlookers, HTC's bringing comparative highlights and the U11's structure to the new U11 Life, for just $350. In our audit, we like what we see with the HTC U11 Life, and what you get at the minimal effort label makes it totally justified, despite all the trouble.
HTC U11 Life review bottom half front

A comparable glimmer of sapphire

The HTC U11 Life is a littler, lighter U11 twin — set up the two together and it's difficult to note numerous distinctions other than size. The U11 Life sports a 5.2-inch screen, rather than the 5.5-inch U11. It makes the telephone feel undeniably progressively smaller, however, making it simple to get to the opposite side of the screen in one-gave use.

HTC U11 Life audit base half front

HTC U11 Life audit profile

HTC U11 Life audit charging port

HTC U11 Life audit back edge

Weight is likewise a simple tell, as the U11 Life is 27g lighter than the U11. That is to a great extent because of the decision of fabricate materials. The more costly U11 is enclosed by glass, and it includes the "fluid glass" material that encourages it emit an intelligent sparkle. The Life feels progressively plasticky, yet HTC mirrors the sparkling sapphire glimmer with acrylic, a kind of polymer.

The sapphire blue U11 Life is somewhat more quieted in shading; it's not as glossy, and it doesn't change hues in various lighting. It's as yet one of a kind, appealing, and you just need to stress over breaking the showcase's glass in the event that you drop it. The back is genuinely negligible, as you'll just locate a roundabout camera at the best, a glimmer by it, and the HTC logo beneath.

On the correct edge of the telephone is a finished power catch underneath the volume rocker. These catches are excessively low for our preferring, as we discovered we frequently need to move the U11 Life up a little to tap the power catch. One convenient workaround, however, is to twofold tap the bolt screen to wake or kill the screen.

The HTC U11 Life's sapphire glimmer is as yet one of a kind, and it looks alluring.

The low catches likewise make it harder to utilize Edge Sense. This is an element initially presented in the HTC U11, which gives you a chance to crush the base piece of the telephone to trigger an activity, from opening Google Assistant to flicking on the spotlight — whatever you extravagant. Google preferred this element enough to permit it from HTC for use in its new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL cell phones to initiate Assistant. It's presently in the $350 U11 Life, and it fills in as publicized, however you need to ensure you don't hit the power catch. We should note, I have expansive hands, so this may not be an issue for other individuals.

Like most telephones in its value go, the U11 Life doesn't have scanty edges around the screen, or what's known as a "bezel-less" plan. You're up the creek without a paddle on the off chance that you need a HTC telephone with this look in the U.S., in light of the fact that the simply reported U11 Plus, which has ultra-thin bezels, and a 6-inch 18:9 screen, isn't going to the U.S.

At any rate it's not void space — the unique finger impression sensor, which serves as a home catch, sits on the base jaw, and it's flanked by two capacitive Android route secure that light when being used (or when the screen is on). The forward looking camera rests at the best, to one side of the earpiece.

HTC selects a USB Type-C charging port like most lead Android telephones, however it's arranged strangely on the base right edge. The organization revealed to us the unique finger impression sensor averted setting it in the standard focus spot, yet we didn't have any issues with the odd area. USB-C is both quicker charging and more adaptable than MicroUSB, which made it pleasant to find in this value go. Most spending plan Motorola telephones, similar to the Moto G5S Plus, still use MicroUSB.

There's no earphone jack, yet that is not really a shock considering HTC hasn't utilized included one on a large portion of its telephones this year. Rather, you'll get the organization's USB-C USonic earphones in the crate. They're better than average — perhaps excessively bass-overwhelming — however they adjust to the state of your ear (after a snappy setup process) and they offer Active Noise Cancellation. The clamor wiping out is minor, and there's a solid murmuring commotion that is diverting. All things considered, it's decent USB-C earbuds are incorporated into the case.

The main speaker, on the base edge at the inside, can get genuinely noisy, however don't expect much. It appears to misleadingly support bass a bit, yet the highs sound entirely great.

Fortunately, HTC utilizes Bluetooth 5, which is a more up to date form of the innovation that offers quicker information exchange and enhanced range. It's an appreciated element, particularly considering the lead Huawei Mate 10 Pro expels the earphone jack yet just uses the dated Bluetooth 4.1.

The U11 Life is IP67-evaluated, making it a standout amongst the most reasonable water-safe telephones available. It's hard to locate a decent telephone with water-opposition, and the main practically identical item in this value extend is the Moto X4.

A normal presentation, yet shockingly great execution

The 5.2-inch LCD screen offers a standard 1,920 x 1,080 pixel goals, and it's not a big deal. It doesn't get as brilliant as we'd like and it's not as bright as an OLED board, but rather it's still scarcely obvious in direct daylight. In any case, everything looks sharp and we didn't have any real second thoughts with it.

HTC U11 Life audit front edge

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Execution, then again, astounded us. The HTC U11 Life is fueled by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 630 processor, with 3GB of RAM. Very few telephones have this new chipset, yet we saw it as of late in Motorola's Moto X4. We think the U11 Life performs superior to the Moto X4, however the benchmark results are equivalent.

AnTuTu: 71,397

Geekbench 4 CPU: 855 single-center, 4,078 multi-center

3DMark Sling Shot: 817

These scores are possibly better, if not the equivalent, as what the Moto X4 got. For instance, the Moto X4 scored 70,217 on AnTuTu, and 840 on 3DMark. The U11 Life beat out the X4 on single-center in Geekbench 4, however it's down in multi-center. Benchmarks aren't the be-all end-all of execution, however we've commonly seen everything on the U11 Life is a little smoother, with less tangles, than the X4. It's a decent center ground between what you'll discover on marginally less expensive telephones like the Moto G5S Plus and the Moto G5 Plus, and leader estimated telephones with the Snapdragon 835, similar to the Google Pixel 2 XL.

Execution, then again, astonished us.

Looking through applications like Twitter was rapid, and the telephone opens applications quickly — however still a touch slower than a lead telephone with the Snapdragon 835, similar to the U11. We ran into an incidental stammer, however generally speaking we're happy with execution on this telephone. Diversions like Transformers: Forged to Fight and Loner ran well with no glaring issues.

The HTC U11 Life accompanies 32GB of capacity, however there's a MicroSD card opening that gives you a chance to expand it up to 2TB in the event that you require more space.

Android 7.1.1 and three collaborators

The U.S. model of the HTC U11 Life runs Android 7.1.1, overlaid with HTC's Sense UI. This implies you'll discover many HTC applications — some bloatware — and Blinkfeed, which demonstrates you news articles you may like and even promotions (you can turn advertisements and even Blinkfeed off). It's not incredible that the U11 Life isn't shipping with the latest form of Android, Android 8.0 Oreo, which has been out since August. Be that as it may, before you dissent, HTC said the Oreo refresh will land before the finish of November, maybe notwithstanding for the HTC U11. That is noteworthy, as there still aren't a great deal of telephones that have gotten 8.0 Oreo.

HTC's UI feels somewhat jumbled and awkward, yet it's everything effortlessly sensible and there's a great deal of theming you can do to customize the telephone's look. A large portion of the product looks like unadulterated Android, and it's anything but difficult to pursue and use.

HTC U11 Life survey applications

HTC U11 Life survey camera

There are three fake associates on board, which can make things confounding, yet it likewise gives you more alternatives. There's Google Assistant, which you can actuate by means of Edge Sense, by squeezing and holding the home catch, or by saying "alright Google."

At that point there's Amazon's Alexa, however not at all like the HTC U11, you can't utilize a voice trigger to enact it. This is on the grounds that the Snapdragon 835 in the U11 takes into account two wake words, yet the Snapdragon 630 does not. So you can either outline to Edge Sense, or simply open the application and begin talking. There are no obvious signs with Alexa, so you'll entirely need to depend on its voice when utilizing it. We lean toward utilizing Google Assistant especially thus, yet Alexa bolster is an appreciated reinforcement on the off chance that you have Echo gadgets in your home.

The worldwide model of the U11 Life won't run Sense UI, rather Android One.

The third colleague is one we've seen in earlier HTC telephones — Sense Companion. It is anything but a voice partner, yet it will drift on your home screen when it needs to present some applicable data dependent on the season of day and where you are, for example, climate alarms, close-by sustenance suggestions in case you're in another city, and then some. It improves the more you utilize your telephone, yet we haven't had much use for it in the week we've utilized the U11 Life.

In general, the product is adaptable to your loving, and keeping in mind that there's some cumbersome UI components and bloatware, it's still superior to different gadgets that attach substantial Android "skins" or "subjects" that stall the framework.

You should know the worldwide model of the U11 Life won't run Sense UI, yet Android One. It's an unadulterated Android rendition of the working framework, with just pre-introduced Google applications, Edge Sense, and a guarantee to get quick form and security refreshes when Google discharges them.

Say cheddar! Be that as it may, remain still

The U11 Life's camera is particularly superior to anything some other telephone in its value run and underneath, however it's as yet the weakest piece of the telephone.

It uses a 16-megapixel raise camera with a f/2.0 opening, and the photos it takes can be great, yet more often than not they're demolished because of the absence of optical picture adjustment. You should be still to keep any haziness, as the greater part of our photographs wound up with a slight haze. Subtleties aren't that sharp, and there's a great deal of grain except if you're snapping a picture visible to everyone. Low-light isn't extraordinary either, as pictures offer poor detail and they look somewhat smeared.

HTC U11 Life survey camera test blossoms Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

HTC U11 Life audit camera test pre-winter Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

What's more terrible is the slight shade slack, which is the measure of time from when you tap the screen symbol, to when the camera catches a photograph. It's for all intents and purposes non-existent on higher-end telephones like the iPhone X or Pixel 2, yet there's a perceptible postponement on the U11 Life.

In any case, shading exactness is really great, and were truly shocked at some photographs taken with HDR. It's grievous you need to put so much time and vitality on remaining totally still to attempt and get a decent photograph in core interest.

Screen slack and an absence of optical picture adjustment limp pretty much every spending telephone. We've had similar issues with the equivalently evaluated Moto X4, for instance, however the screen slack was much more awful.

Regardless of the unordinary 16-megapixel forward looking camera with f/2.0 gap, there's hardly any fascinating here. Slight developments, once more, can deliver foggy photographs, and selfies can be very grainy in something besides coordinate daylight.

Normal battery life

The HTC U11 Life has a 2,600mAh battery limit, and it may not last you an entire day with substantial use. Subsequent to taking it off the charger at 8 a.m., we utilized it to peruse the web, play some music and amusements, download many applications, watch a YouTube video or two, run benchmarking applications, and take photographs. The final product was 17 percent charge by 5:30 p.m.


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moto x4 android one goad

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lenovo moto g5s in addition to

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lg adventure x press

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moto x4 hands on audit press

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alcatel symbol 5s nudge

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lenovo moto g5 in addition to motorola item

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lg g2 survey squeeze picture


That is not terrible, considering the remaining task at hand we pushed on the U11 Life. You'll have the capacity to utilize the telephone for pretty much entire day, however with overwhelming use you might need to bring a versatile battery pack or charging link. In case you're a light client, this telephone will effortlessly get you as the day progressed.

There's nothing amazing about the U11 Life's charging speed. We saw it go from 15 percent to 50 percent inside 35 minutes.

Value, accessibility, and guarantee

The HTC U11 Life is accessible opened from HTC's site for $350. The main transporter that is moving the telephone is T-Mobile, and it will be accessible on November 3 at an even lower cost. On a regularly scheduled installment plan, it will set you back $12 every month for two years after $12 down, or about $300. HTC said the U11 Life will deal with AT&T's system on the off chance that you get it on its site, however you won't have the capacity to utilize it on Verizon and Sprint.

HTC offers a standard restricted guarantee that secures your gadget of assembling deserts for one year since the date of procurement.


HTC's U11 Life will get your eyes with its sapphire sparkle, and your wallet will much obliged. It offers extraordinary execution and water opposition, however the battery is normal and the camera is prevented by shade slack.

Is there a superior option?

It's an extreme bring in this value run. The Moto X4 is $50 more and offers a large number of indistinguishable details and highlights from the U11 Life, yet we're not enthusiasts of the camera by any means.

The Moto G5S Plus has an unremarkable camera, however just somewhat lessened execution, and it'll set you back $280. It has a metal form, yet it's not water-safe and it doesn't look great.

For better execution and camera, you'll need to look to the $480 OnePlus 5. It has the Snapdragon 835 processor, and a decent double camera that gives you a chance to utilize fun highlights like Portrait Mode. You might need to pause, as there are thunderings of an OnePlus 5T in progress.

To what extent will it last?

HTC has been enhancing its speed in giving programming updates to its telephones. A valid example: The HTC U11, which arrived this mid year, will get Android 8.0 Oreo in the not so distant future. That is much better than generally makers. In any case, we anticipate that this telephone will last close to two years. Since it's low on the command hierarchy, we can't ensure a variant refresh after the second year.

It's IP67 evaluated, so it can deal with a dunk in the pool. There's no glass on the back, so you just need to ensure you secure that screen.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly. At this value go, the HTC U11 Life is the best telephone you can purchase. We believe it's superior to its nearest rival, the Moto X4, and it surely beats the Moto G line.

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